Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sorry I have not posted lately

I'll be back this weekend with a Christmas update and pics of my black tree.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A beautiful fall, Cows and the Angel of Death

It is absolutely glorious this weekend...temps in the 70's and no clouds in the sky. I went to Trader Joe's yesterday and picked up the most amazing sunflower bouquet...I put it in a sunflower pitcher I got years ago at Target. I took a gajillion pics and the only one that caught the beauty of it was the one I took on the fly this morning. I need to edit out my hair holder but other than that it is really pretty.

So, I've been working hard..pre-inventory cleanup was this week and while it was successful, I'm beat. So I've been flaking out with books (I discovered Karen White who writes supernatural mysteries based in Charleston) and I went with some friends to see Men Who Stare at Goats. I should have loved it but I didn't. I didn't laugh once and Clooney was not all that hot. I probably should have stayed home.

Two weeks ago I went to see Amanda show a cow. However, the cow decided it was a race and not a show and galloped through the arena with Amanda in tow. This is Buffy and Amanda. Buffy is the cow. And she is certifiable. Then earlier this week, there was a shooter on the loose in Athens in the end of town that was near the Ag farms. Amanda assured me all was fine.

This week the neighbors finally took down their Halloween decorations. This is was a bangup year..we had cemetaries, inflatable pumpkins but the best was the Angel of Death across the street. They left him up long after they took down their other decorations. I took this the other morning..because it was so weird...

So that was my odd week. I'm sitting here with the bundled up with the windows open. Pretty soon, I'll go mow my leaves and mulch and then I'll put the hammock up and read another mystery.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall, knitting and plants

I've been so busy at work I've neglected me. So this past week I've been fixing up my house with flowers, arrangements and today I took the first really pretty day off in forever to plant a bunch of shade plants.

You may not know it but Atlanta has had record rainfall for the past month. A few weeks ago it flooded and homes that have never had water were soaked. Many homes are gone. My area is still affected. Businesses and parks are closed until further notice.

But another problem was the gray skies. By Saturday I was in such a funk. It was pretty yesterday but cold and windy. Today was in the 60's and pretty. I went out at 8 and just now came in. But my attitude is so much better and I'll sleep well tonight.

I started out this morning with my ugly backyard. No grass..just mulch and trees. I went to Starbucks last night and asked for some coffee grounds as I was planting azaleas, camellias, and rhododendrons. They gave me a garbage bag full!!

Well, several hours later, several callouses later..I have my bushes. I also added a aucuba bush which needs no sun and is so pretty...the one at my old house was over six feet tall..nothing bothered it. Well, I'm off to order a pizza (no cooking tonight) and sit, knit and watch How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory...two of my favorites....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rain, Birkins and Julia Childs

Let me say we are on day 5 of rain. Not soft rain...hard storms with lightening rain. Cars are washing away...homes are ruined. I feel lucky that only my landscaping has been harmed. Lucy, on the other hand, does not realize she is blessed. She is royally pissed that I make her go outside at all. But the rain has given me an excuse to do little but read.

I finally finished Bringing Home the Birkin and Julia Child's My Life in France. Both are set in Europe..both feature people who are delightful. I fell in love with both books.

In honor of Julia, I watched a video on YouTube (I love that site!) where she makes a real omelette. Turns out I had no clue. I've been making tough, leathery omelettes all my life. I made it her way with butter and only 20 seconds in the pan..and it was so good. Light, fluffy...just delicious. So I tried a modified Beef Bourginion tonight. It turned out fine..except it did burn a little. But I caught before any real damage could occur. Now I long for a larger Le Creuset French Oven. I have the 2 quart..which is fine for small serving dishes. But for BB..you would need at least the 5 quart which is 3 times as expensive.

Did y'all watch the Georgia O'Keefe movie on Lifetime? I really want to discuss with someone. It was really a very simple movie but had a few moral issues I want to discuss. It did make wonder why Jeremy Irons is not in more movies. Joan Allen was wonderful as O'Keefe.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My so called vacation

Yep, those are my toes. I have rule about not having foot pictures as my feet are not that pretty. Although I do have some great sandals.

Anyway, these are my feet after a day of answering calls, emails, faxes, etc. And I'm on vacation. It's a busy time for my company and I have no problem helping out. I just need a vacation for my vacation.

I will be 48 tomorrow. I can't believe I'm that old. I don't feel that old. I don't look that old - ok, maybe I do. But I definitely do not feel it.
I'm realizing that the last 48 years have been kind of a blur. Things have slowed down for me the past three years. I've been in this house and had no real crisis or disaster. And for that I am grateful. I had enough the first 45 years of my life. I've also realized that I'm pretty much on my own here on out (have been for 10 years but I kept thinking I'd meet someone) and I better make my life around that and not keep waiting. I have my own social group of friends who I go to dinner with and movies, etc. I go to the gym - for my health not my looks....and I have my cute little house. All in all it's not a bad life.

Ok, that is my rambling...where are you in your life? Are you happy? Are you yearning? Are you in a bunch of drama? Remember, it isn't bad or good..it is just is.

Finally, I'm taking a break this weekend from the internet. I have my daughter coming into town to celebrate my birthday and I need a break. My sister and I have called a truce on the whole Glenn Beck thing (have you seen what he is saying about Rockefeller Center? KooKoo) Facebook is becoming not a place to play.. it's becoming a political minefield of people. It's getting ugly in a short time and I got sucked into it and I need to pull back.

So hasta la vista...I want to see what you post...I do care and enjoy reading them....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Healthcare, rain and eating clean

The talk at work is all about healthcare reform. I work for a medical device company and it has hit us. Hospitals are holding tightly to their dollars in anticipation of losing Medicaid funds. I'm so drained about the debate...I want reform but I think congress needs to slow down and think this thing through. It's too huge to rush. On the other hand, I'm tired of the Canadian Health bashing going on. My Canadian friends will tell you that while it is not flawless, it works a lot better than critics will lead you to believe.

Rain..Rain...Rain...ok, you can leave now . I'm done with you for awhile. I like my porch..I'd like to use it.

Finally, I'm looking into Eating Clean. I've decided to use Tosca's book http://www.eatcleandiet.com/about_the_diet/the_books.aspx#The+Eat-Clean+Diet+Cookbook and do a Julie/Julia thing where I try the recipes and let y'all know how they turned out. It will encourage me to eat better while reviewing whether the food is ok to try.

I'm starting tomorrow with a Turkey and Egg scramble. However, chicken was cheaper than turkey so I'm already modifying it.

Oh, and I'll post more. Please fell free to comment. Then I'll know y'all are out there!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The adventures of Lucy the wonder dog

That is my Lucy. Part Beagle..part something else. She's so sweet and so onery. That pic is from the other morning when I left her in the backyard for ten minutes. I have to put a barrier up because she can fit through the slats and she'll go across the street and poo. Then I get a letter from the HOA telling me to keep my dog in my yard.

Well, the orange fencing worked. It's not pretty but I have no one next door so who is going to complain?

Then last night we were walking on a leash. She saw a rabbit. Lucy is fast..faster than any dog her size. She pulled so hard that I fell face down and lost the leash. She ran around the corner of the house and I heard a scream..maybe more a squeal. I ran..and she is pooping in the neighbor's front yard. So I'm guessing the handle of the leash swung around and got her which resulted in scaring the poop outta her.

But tonight she's curled up on the bed...and you would think she is always an angel.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Zumba, mosquitoes and the power of Oxyclean

Wow, what a wild few weeks we have had. We lost Farrah and Michael on the same day. Farrah we expected...most did not expect Michael. I did. The last pictures I saw of him were bad. He was frail..his hands were blotchy...he did not look healthy. What did shock me was Billy Mays. He may have had a paunch but he seemed healthy. I was hoping the cause of death was the bump to his head but no..his heart gave out. 50 is way too young.

I can't go outside without a swarm of mosquitoes going after me. I finally got a fan to blow on me when I want to read outside in the hammock. But they still get my back.

Finally, I have to share my new passion - Zumba. It's a mix of salsa, hip hop, etc. It's high impact so I have to modify it...but I'm beat when I'm done. My goal is to look like my instructor (well, 20 years later anyway). I hear people lose tremendous amounts of weight doing it. So tonight I got Nikes that are highly recommended for Zumba. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks JoJo and Grits for posting. I love that people are actually reading my blog.

One last thing (I know I said finally two paragraphs before)...I just want to say Roger Federer (not Federline!) is the best player in the world!!

Oh, and JoJo...they are calling Federline K-Fat now that he is so big...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Federer, weight lifting and summer

I'm still on my quest to get healthy. I'm pretty happy with my progress. No weight loss which does surprise me as I'm eating so well...but I since this is NOT a diet..I'm ok with that.

I'm drinking more water, little to no soda and my coffee is way back. I'm eating more natural..less meat..no fried food. I have more energy (except when my allergies kick in) and today I got back in my weight lifting class. I haven't been in a year and it literally kicked my ass. My arms are jello. My legs were ok but my ankles were burning.

What I do need to do is get back into tennis. I love the game..I love how I really lose myself to the moment when I play. Nothing else gets my full attention. Did y'all see my man, Roger play today? It was kinda sad his opponent really didn't try. I hope Nadal is better for Wimbledon so I can see a real match.

It is hot, muggy and buggy outside. I have some great books including American Lion ( I LOVE presidential biographies) but even when I spray myself with Deep Woods Off the bugs still bite..only they bite my eyelids and other weird places. When I lived in Florida, we went on a turtle walk (my favorite thing) and these weird fly/beetle things were biting everyone even though we were covered in bug spray..they even bit in the ear. And these big blisters would form..it was horrible. I never had that again...no matter when we went to the beach. I remember seeing pics of settlers from the turn of the century and they would bury themselves in sand to their neck at night.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

It is hot out there

I just came in from laying in the hammock. I also just finished Jen Lancaster's Pretty in Plaid. I just love her. She completely lets you in on what makes her tick. And I found someone who loves polos and pearls as much as I do. She struggles with her weight same as me. And she loves dogs.

Ok, what else is new. Well, I'm not doing well on the working out. I do need to just start walking. When I was going through my divorce and after..I walked all the time. My neighborhood is not big enough to walk through and the street my subdivision is on attracts sketchy people. But it would help.

Work is fine..a little slow right now but I think the summer will pick up as the government does most of it's purchasing this time of year. I dread the last quarter. The experts keep saying things have bottomed out..but I'm not seeing it.

Well, not much else to say. Got to do some laundry and clean the house now that Amanda has returned to Athens.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Portly, plump, fat

Yep, today I'm starting a new regime. I'm not going to diet because that never works.

I've lived healthy a majority of my life. I've never been slender or slim but I've been extremely healthy. I think that may be why even though I've gained 50 lbs in the last five years my cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar are all smack dab in the normal/healthy range. It freaked my doc out..she just knew she had some health reason to get me to lose. But no..fit as a fiddle.

Except, I have to buy a new size every year..(my closet is bursting at the seams with clothes I no longer can wear..I have a few of every size).

So today, I'm starting again. I used to eat low fat, healthy meals...not because I wanted my weight down..but because I enjoyed eating that way. But since I've moved into this house, cooking or preparing food has not appealed to me. I'm going out for lunch every day (just to get out of there) and that has not helped at all.

So I'm changing. I know what to eat. I know what to do with exercise ...I just need to do it.

Well, I'm not telling you what I weigh. I'll tell you what I lose and maybe when I feel good about me again..I'll tell you what I lost. Hopefully, I'll lose eating healthy and exercising more. If I don't...well, at least I'm trying.

Off to take Lucy for a long walk. It has cooled down by ten degrees and should be quite pleasant and since the dog park is out (worms are going around there) I have to find exercise for my munchking.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wild Kingdom in Woodstock, GA

The last 48 hours have completely wiped me out. I have:

1. Found a dead chipmunk in my front yard. I'm guessing it is the cute one I see scamper away on my porch. I even thought it might be staying in my grill which did not bother me. I threw (I used a paper towel to pick it up) in the trash and then realized the trash guy wouldn't be here for a week...dumb Idea. So I got the shovel...picked it up with that and went to the wooded area and threw it in the woods.

2. Lucy was sniffing the grill..figured I needed to clean above chipmunk's nest. Bad idea...big rat in grill instead. I threw the lid of the grill back..breaking it and the rat just sat up and sniffed at me. I resented that cheekiness and slammed the side of the grill..yelling get out of here. Lucy chased it threw the yard...I yell "Get the rat Lucy"...I then look up at the McMansion that is right behind my house and a realtor is showing the house. Oh, and I'm in my pajamas.

3. Then today...I was talking to my CSR's and I see something in the trees outside. I look and it's a hawk. It was huge and beautiful. It swooped down and got something small and brown. I'm pretending it was a rat and not a chipmunk. We ooohed and ahhhed and then an hour later he/she was back. This time she went to a robin's nest and ate the babies while momma squawked loudly. I ran outside but I fear it was too late. The hawk flew off with the robin in pursuit (but not too closely).

4. Lucy will not stop whining to go outside to track the rat. I've bleached the grill and I'm replacing anything he/she touched. Yuck.

I've had enough Wild Kingdom. I'm a city kind of gal.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sangria, Rain and Shawn Mullins

Sorry, I haven't posted in awhile. Work has been emotionally draining lately and the 25 anniversary of my mom's death was May 1st. I just have been doing a lot of nothing.

Anyway...last night I decided my department had enough stress and I took them out for Tex-Mex and drinks at Pappacitos. Good food, good company and the weather was awesome. We sat on the patio and it was sunny, a little breeze and about 78 degrees. I went home and for the first Friday in a long time I was decompressed when I got home. I need to go out more often. Or I need to drink Sangria more..I'm not sure.

Tonight, I am so excited...Shawn Mullins is actually playing about a mile from my house at the town square tonight..for free! However, the weather man is predicting BAD STORMS about that time. You know the ones..tornado sirens, hail, damaging winds..the kind we've had every week this spring. You find your neighbor's roof in your front yard. So while I'm excited I'm being very cautious to keep a lid on it in case it gets canceled.

What is going on in your world?

Edit to say...I got to see an hour of Shawn..then the heavens opened up and the rained poured and the lightening, while beautiful, caused me to hustle and not in a disco manner. Now I know I need to go see him again..preferably indoors.

Here is a video of Shawn singing Cabbagetown :

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Killers, lost friends and pollen

What a beautiful day. Temp in the 80's and only a few wispy clouds in the sky.

Too bad it was ruined.

First, I wanted to work on the yard and porch. So I start with the porch and my cabana covering. Then I moved to mowing and edging the yard. I come in and I'm covered with the yellow icky powder which makes me sneeze. When will it end?

Then I check on friend on facebook who I emailed about a pending visit. She had not answered me and I find we are no longer friends on Facebook. I emailed her and no answer. I find from a mutual friends that she is hanging with a new crowd that do not like me. Even though we had never spoken about these other friends and our friendship was pretty casual..I guess she felt she needed to choose sides. I wish her well. Ok...I wouldn't mind if she got an annoying case of poison ivy this summer..but other than that I wish her well.

Finally and this is by far the worst thing...a professor from UGA murdered three people near campus. The rumors have been rampant. First it was three students..now it looks like none were. One was his wife. He is still running loose through Athens and tonight is a big bike race downtown. All the kids are there..including mine. Even though they have had snipers on the rooftops and swat teams driving around in pickups..she is in the thick of it.

I need a drink.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome to my pity party...

That is Brigadier General Larry. He was the Commander over Kosovo last year. My senior year he went out with my roommate after I set them up. It didn't end so well even though it took them an hour to say goodnight (I know cause they were outside our room and I couldn't get to sleep.)

Larry and I were both poli sci majors and we had a bunch of the same classes. He is a complete success..what happened to me?

Oh yea..I dropped out of law school and I still have decided what I want to be when I grow up..of course Larry knew what he wanted at 18..

This is Terry ..he's President and CEO of Edward Jones Trust Company. He and I used to punch each other after making smart ass remarks to each other.

Terry, "Suck my right ball"
Susan, "I would if your girlfriend hadn't cut it off"
Then the punching would begin...

Again...a complete success (ok, after this year..I might have more in the bank than he does)

These are just two....there are doctors, lawyers, politicians, writers, business leaders...all my classmates in high school and college. I made the same grades, participated in the same groups, clubs, fraternities and sororities.

I gotta quit looking at my alumni magazine.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dallas, Tequila, tornadoes and friends

Last Sunday I boarded a plane to Dallas and went to my company's NSM. Now, this is about the only time I get to travel so please let me tell you my story.

Flying was easier this year. I checked in online, was able to park close to the terminal, security was a breeze (but not as nice as the Dallas folks) and my seat partner slept the whole way.

I love the fact that my CEO loves the Four Seasons. You can't ask for nicer rooms. This is my view:

Of course I had the cool bed, the marble bathroom..just wonderful.

I then got to meet some Dallas YaYas...Sarah, Bandala and MedPrincess all came out to meet me...They were a hoot and I wish I had more time with them. Thanks MK for the boa!!!

We had a great meeting and there was a touching moment during the awards banquet where a rep when accepting his award thanked me for all my assistance. The reps then gave me a standing ovation. I cried.

Then I drank four shots of tequila and tottled off to bed. 47 is way too old to being shots.

Enough said on that..

I then did my presentation with the help of Red Bull (thank you whoever invented that)...packed up and flew back.

Dallas has the nicest airport. You get off your plan..your baggage is right there and then a few steps and you can get a cab. Hartsfield makes you walk about a mile to everywhere...and they are rude!

Anyway..I'm home..I've recovered from the Tequila incident and tomorrow I get to see Amanda and get my Lucy back. Lord, I've missed that dog.

Oh..one last thing. We had another night of tornadoes...I took these pics when the sirens went off. Normally, the sky would be bright at this time...

I got a new roof from the last round..I don't need anything else.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

DMX, Depeche Mode and George Michael

I'm listening to Up in Here and I want to ride around with my windows down and let everyone wonder why an overweight middle aged woman is listening to rap.

I like to do that while listening to Riding Dirty...the Woodstock Police need something to stir em up.

I just downloaded Wrong by Depeche Mode. I LOVE the video even though it is so disturbing...

Last night I was listening to George...he had such a beautiful face...what happened to him? I saw him on Eli Stone ( a big reason for watching the show) and I just couldn't get over how much different he looked...bad plastic surgery? Meth? Who knows. His voice didn't sound the same. Growing old sucks.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A pretty Saturday morning

Madeline Peyroux, a blueberry bagel...and a red headed woodpecker.

Yep, that's my morning.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'm torn tonight...more so than any other season.

Carla - I thought she had more to her than she showed in the beginning and she has not proved me wrong. She has earned the right to be where she is and is sweet to boot. It would be great if she won.

Stefan - He's hot. End of story.

Hosea - who?

So it's a toss up between Carla or Stefan..the big question is...can this 47 year old stay up that late?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Wife Swap and Stephen Fowler

Everyone is in a snit about this episode. As it happens for only the second time in my life I watched this show...the first time I watched it...it was so obvious it was fake I swore I wouldn't do it again.

However, Amanda was home, I was tired and there was literally nothing else on t.v.

So, we settle in and immediately I'm horrified by the Missouri couple. I'm from Missouri and people do not eat fast food cause "it's the American Way" or wear wife beaters or call housework skirt work. I thought, great..here we go again..let's beat up on Missouri.

Then they showed Fowler and he presented himself as the stereotypical arrogant euro trash. He didn't disappoint. He called Mrs. Long names and berated her in front of the kids (Alan Long did the same but not as bad so it has been forgotten)

By the end I like neither family. And realized why I don't watch Wife Swap.

Now, Fowler is getting death threats and has had his house "egged" There are seriously angry websites dedicated to harrassing him.

Why is no one going after ABC? They allowed this garbage. They allowed the stereotypes and the hate. See..I think everyone is missing the point. They are promoting separation of classes. They are saying..hey, educated people hate uneducated people.

While Fowler should apologize and has as much as he can under contractual obligations..I hear nothing from the company owned by the Mouse.

And the Longs? Well, I've dug a little and they actually live in the suburbs of K.C..near my brother. Their country bumpkin act is probably just that. An act...

And we have all been taken in.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ok, I'm back.

I've not stayed on top of this blogging thing but I'm promising to do so now. I was so stressed by the election and the economy that I couldn't think straight. I'm better now.

Ok, what have I been up to:

1. Knitting. Yes, knitting. I'm a klutz and I can only do simple stuff but I've made a few things.. I made that purse for Lynnie. I truly hope she likes it.

2. I've gained 50 lbs. Yep, my doctor had my blood tested..something had to be wrong, right? Wrong..nothing. I'm healthy as a horse. Guess I'll need motivation somewhere else

3. Furline's PR agent. Not easy. I feel for Mickey Rourke's pr agent as well. Those two are two peas in a pod. She's gone a little wild since Dick left office. Obama is too busy for her. Sigh.

4. Working. What's new there? The warehouse manager calls our company my husband. He's almost right.

5. Hanging with my Lucy. She's still full of energy at two.

6. Got a new roof..we had tornadoes...wind and such...knocked enough shingles off ...that Allstate paid for it.

7. Worrying about the economy. My house has lost 10K in equity and the worst hasn't arrived yet...and I lost 10K in 401K. I'm luckier than most but feeling mighty poor right now.

8. Reading. I'm going to do that list thing so you can see what I've read.

9. Went to the Cirque show - fun. Work took us. I have a good husband..lol.

10. Hanging with my meetup groups. So far we've seen movies, had dinner and went on a ghost tour. Nice people.

Ok..if you read my blog..it's your turn..what have you been up to in the past six months?