Saturday, April 25, 2009

Killers, lost friends and pollen

What a beautiful day. Temp in the 80's and only a few wispy clouds in the sky.

Too bad it was ruined.

First, I wanted to work on the yard and porch. So I start with the porch and my cabana covering. Then I moved to mowing and edging the yard. I come in and I'm covered with the yellow icky powder which makes me sneeze. When will it end?

Then I check on friend on facebook who I emailed about a pending visit. She had not answered me and I find we are no longer friends on Facebook. I emailed her and no answer. I find from a mutual friends that she is hanging with a new crowd that do not like me. Even though we had never spoken about these other friends and our friendship was pretty casual..I guess she felt she needed to choose sides. I wish her well. Ok...I wouldn't mind if she got an annoying case of poison ivy this summer..but other than that I wish her well.

Finally and this is by far the worst thing...a professor from UGA murdered three people near campus. The rumors have been rampant. First it was three it looks like none were. One was his wife. He is still running loose through Athens and tonight is a big bike race downtown. All the kids are there..including mine. Even though they have had snipers on the rooftops and swat teams driving around in pickups..she is in the thick of it.

I need a drink.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome to my pity party...

That is Brigadier General Larry. He was the Commander over Kosovo last year. My senior year he went out with my roommate after I set them up. It didn't end so well even though it took them an hour to say goodnight (I know cause they were outside our room and I couldn't get to sleep.)

Larry and I were both poli sci majors and we had a bunch of the same classes. He is a complete success..what happened to me?

Oh yea..I dropped out of law school and I still have decided what I want to be when I grow up..of course Larry knew what he wanted at 18..

This is Terry ..he's President and CEO of Edward Jones Trust Company. He and I used to punch each other after making smart ass remarks to each other.

Terry, "Suck my right ball"
Susan, "I would if your girlfriend hadn't cut it off"
Then the punching would begin...

Again...a complete success (ok, after this year..I might have more in the bank than he does)

These are just two....there are doctors, lawyers, politicians, writers, business leaders...all my classmates in high school and college. I made the same grades, participated in the same groups, clubs, fraternities and sororities.

I gotta quit looking at my alumni magazine.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dallas, Tequila, tornadoes and friends

Last Sunday I boarded a plane to Dallas and went to my company's NSM. Now, this is about the only time I get to travel so please let me tell you my story.

Flying was easier this year. I checked in online, was able to park close to the terminal, security was a breeze (but not as nice as the Dallas folks) and my seat partner slept the whole way.

I love the fact that my CEO loves the Four Seasons. You can't ask for nicer rooms. This is my view:

Of course I had the cool bed, the marble bathroom..just wonderful.

I then got to meet some Dallas YaYas...Sarah, Bandala and MedPrincess all came out to meet me...They were a hoot and I wish I had more time with them. Thanks MK for the boa!!!

We had a great meeting and there was a touching moment during the awards banquet where a rep when accepting his award thanked me for all my assistance. The reps then gave me a standing ovation. I cried.

Then I drank four shots of tequila and tottled off to bed. 47 is way too old to being shots.

Enough said on that..

I then did my presentation with the help of Red Bull (thank you whoever invented that)...packed up and flew back.

Dallas has the nicest airport. You get off your plan..your baggage is right there and then a few steps and you can get a cab. Hartsfield makes you walk about a mile to everywhere...and they are rude!

Anyway..I'm home..I've recovered from the Tequila incident and tomorrow I get to see Amanda and get my Lucy back. Lord, I've missed that dog. last thing. We had another night of tornadoes...I took these pics when the sirens went off. Normally, the sky would be bright at this time...

I got a new roof from the last round..I don't need anything else.