Saturday, April 24, 2010


It is raining today..cats and dogs..and I guess rodents.

Lucy chased a chipmunk in threw the front door..

I'm wet from being outside with her..I'm just awake and I have a cute little vermin in my living room.   I brought Lucy in and put her in a room with the door closed.   The chipmunk was at a window jumping up on his hind paws trying to get out.  

So I got the broom and scooted the little guy out (after getting the attached really bad pic with my droid (I love my droid).

So all is safe -the little guy is in the bushes OUTSIDE and Lucy is running around whining trying to find the chipmunk.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sleepless in Atlanta

Here is where I am with the steroids.

1. My face is a ball...everyone at work is teasing me.
2. Went to bed at 10...wide awake at 1. Now it is almost 4. I've watched Project Runway (yea Seth Aaron), made an omelette, had chocolate and some almonds..I could eat more. ALOT MORE.
3. I also laid in bed and worried about things I cannot change and then got pissed that I could not change them.
4. Did I tell you I was hungry?
5. Tomorrow should be jeans day but one of our docs is coming so I have to dress up.
6. I spent $100 at Target today and got NOTHING I needed. But I do have some cute sandals. now. I b;ame the steroids.
7. I am breathing better. So the steroids did their job. Hope it stays that way..I still have the cough.
8. Ok..I'm going to go clean the house.
9. Saturday is my last dose. YEAH...I will probably crash and sleep for 48 hours. 
At Target I found the cutest slippers and put them in my basket...but they were extra large and my feet would not stay in them..the other size was small..but the steroids have swollen my feet so I couldn't be sure if they would fit. 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My trip to Vegas

This time last week I was on a plane to Vegas.   It was my company's National Sales Meeting and my one trip out of town a year.  I went a day early to see the sights.  

First - let me say...I hate casinos.   I have severe asthma and smoke really bothers me.   And gambling bores me...I just don't see the point.   However, I went to see everything else and I like the Bellagio fountains..this was in the afternoon and they were playing All that Jazz and I was drinking a Rum Runner and dancing down the street...perfect!

This is my friend, Carolyn and me.   I'm the short one in the back...she came out early to see the sights too. 

The strip from one of the crosswalks.

We were there in constant meetings (12 -14 hour days if you include the dinners).   I had a beautiful room and fell in love with the spa where we had eucalyptus steam rooms.   But my Ipod died and so did my phone.   (a bad magnet in my purse may have been the culprit). 

I now have a Droid and I love it.   I had to get texting as I got 90 texts and at .20 cents a text that racked up my bill. 

The weather was hot and dry and my asthma loved it.   Came home Wednesday to pollen, humidity and heat.  Let's say my asthma is not loving that.   I'm on Predizone for some poison ivy I got into..that is probably saving my life right.  

So, I'm glad to be home..pollen and all..but it was a fun few days. 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My book recommendations for the Spring.

I love to read but I can't predict the flow of my reading. Sometimes I can read several books in one weekend and then I'll go a month and only read the back of my cereal box. I have no idea what causes this and can't predict when it will happen.

Which is why I'm on the public library's most wanted list. I can never get a book back on time. I finally realized it was cheaper for me to buy from Barnes and Noble or my neighborhood book store and then sell, give or donate it after I finish. I do keep some..mainly autographed copies of books. this month I have devoured books..(maybe it might be the hammock I have on the porch now) I read The Help (enjoyed it..local author), Dead Travel Fast (a quick read) and Saving CeeCee Honeycutt - a very good book..some tragic moments but it has the feel of the YaYa Sisterhood in that the interaction between the women was healing. I loved it and immediately imagined it made into a movie.

Another great book was The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. A YaYa recommended it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A mystery with an 11 year old sleuth as the heroine. Very cool.

Oh, and I read The Secret Life CeeCee Wilkes (two CeeCees). I liked it as well..but it was not a feel good book.

One last book which I have not read is Where Mercy is Shown, Mercy is Given by Dog the Bounty Hunter. Now, I have watched the show a few times but have not since his scandal. But he came to my hometown at the bequest of the best little bookstore in the world. Foxtale Books and 1000 people showed up for his autograph. He was very late..showed up in a bus with his face all over it and then instead of sitting for the signing..he came out and signed everyone's pictures please. Anyway, he smelled like alcohol and looks like he's been rode hard but he did sign a 1000 books. Beth is smaller than she looks on t.v. and was very nice. So all in all it was not a bad night...

So those are my books I've read...I'm starting on the Reliable Wife...and it seems dark..

Oh..and those ladies with Dog are the owners of the Foxtale Books..if you are ever in Woodstock, must visit their store.