Saturday, May 22, 2010

Really?? A band at my hips? Really?

Went shopping for summer tops.   It's hot today, my company is tightening up the dress code and I need new clothes! 

So what do I find..lots of tops with a band at the bottom...why, who, what?????   Why would I accentuate a part of my anatomy that needs no attention.    It's pretty much all Kohl's had..all Lane Bryant had...finally I went to Dress Barn...and SCORE...lots of cute tops..

I spent more than I needed but it will get me through the summer.

On another college friends are not faring so well this summer.   I discovered my friend Dave passed away from a brain anerurysm in 2006.   So I emailed his old roommate Eric.  But I didn't hear back.  I just found out in February, he got a staph infection and his leg amputated.  While recovering he suffered congestive heart failure.   He survived and is recovering but holy crap.   

So I'm resolved to start taking better care of myself.  I'm not ready to give this life up yet.   Wish me luck.   And life is too short to wear shirts with bands at the bottom.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Graduation or otherwise known as now I'm old

23 years and two months ago tomorrow..I gave birth to a beautiful 7 lb 14 oz daughter.   It was not easy  -  19 hours of labor and two hours of pushing and then an emergency C Section (I begged them to knock me out)....

So today, my baby graduated from college with a BSA in Animal Science.   She will spend the next year applying to Vet School, working at the dairy and interning with an 83 year old veterinarian.   Yep..83... and she loves it.   She has learned how to amputate, stitch up, neuter and spay, fix a hernia and give all the necessary shots.   He's large animal but he also takes in dogs and cats.  She has also learned all the little diners, where the best pound cake is and other assorted 83 year old things to do. 

Anyhoo.. today was the School of Agriculture graduation.   Most of the kids had decorated their caps in anticipation of the large UGA graduation tonight (we skipped)   Amanda was adorable and I teared up but didn't cry. 

My college graduation was a full day event.  We had baccalaureate, then graduation was hours long.  Then pictures.   I had the uncomfortable task of telling an old boyfriend we would never get back together in front of my father!  And then I had to find Satan who was my current boyfriend so he and my dad could help move me out of the dorm.  It was very stressful.

It all goes so quickly and then it is over.   Kind of like life. 


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunflowers, a storm that hasn't come and I'm really down

I'm not sure how many people read this blog..I  hope it is interesting for those that do...

Had a bad day yesterday.  I screwed something up at work.  And it's fairly large thing.  A careless mistake..something overlooked that should not have been.  Caused a great deal of work for others and it was never truly fixed.   I'm not afraid of getting in trouble..I deserve whatever I get.   I have no excuse just that I've been sick for two weeks and not on my game.  And it really is making me angry.  Whatever I have is now causing laryngitis so not only did I have to talk for three hours but it probably set me back on trying to get better.   So now I'm really down.  This is the first time I've been really sick since I started this job 10 years ago.  And I just can't shake it.    

So this morning, I was playing with my droid and I took the picture..all my pics with this phone are out of focus.  But I like this one with the sunlight and the glass vase.   Makes it softer.

And I keep waiting on the horrible storm that have been predicting for a was supposed to have happened yesterday (didn't) and this morning we had clear skies and sunshine.   But it's cloudy now and they say it will happen later tonight.  Yea.

So tomorrow, I'll go in early.  The people who are mad at me will be out till Thursday.  And then I'll be out for Amanda's graduation.   So I can't even face this till next week.  Great.  Lovely.   

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pomengranate Margaritas and my trip to Krogers

I'll blame it on being sick for so long.

I woke up feeling better than I have for weeks.  I can breathe.   No coughing, no nagging rattling in my chest..yesterday people at work thought I had pneumonia I sounded so bad - today an almost 180 turnaround.

So I go to Kroger..all I need is some melatonin.   I took the week off it and I have suffered.   So I get my melatonin.oh, wait..some cute windchimes..oh..and some tanning lotion (graduation is next week) ..oh..I need a new toothbrush...

Then, I bought the Rebecca Wells book that is in paperback...I haven't like anything of hers since the YaYa Sisterhood.   I'm not sure why I wanted this..but then I bought a new magazine called New Beauty...way too expensive.  Oh and then It's Complicated was on sale.  And I love that movie.   I lust for that house.  But wait...I rang myself up..and

$87 at Kroger.   $87!!! 

Not quite as bad as my $100 sock and shoe shopping trip at Target but I think it is time I stay home. 

I got some Pomengranate Margarita frozen drink thing at Publix.   Sounds like good medicine tonight.