Monday, June 28, 2010

I are stupid

Yep..I make the blog invite only and don't invite anyone...hahahaha

So if you are reading this I guess you got the invite.  (just don't post sex page invites in another language..:)

What is going on?   Well, I'm in a bit of a rut.    It has been in the high 90's for weeks now.   I can only stand to work in the yard in the evening..and then only for an hour at a time.  The pool is no is really warm and doesn't cool you off.

So I stay inside, read and watch Real Housevives of anywhere.  (they all become the same after awhile).

I had to go to a bunch of work functions and that is the last thing I want to do on my weekends.   However, I did go to the Royals/Braves game and while the Royals lost it brought back memories of watching them in the WS with the Cardinals.   That was exciting if you were from Missouri which I was.   Anyway I came home with peanuts in my purse.  They were thrown at me by my co-workers...just because I was cheering for the Royals...loudly. big news..well for me it is..   Remember I killed my Ipod in Vegas (obviously what goes to Vegas does not survive Vegas - I also killed my cell phone) ...well, I do not want to buy another Ipod.  I found out this weekend that I could transfer my whole Itunes catalog to my Droid. ..which I did and now I'm happy again.   If you have a Droid you can do this by downloading
It is really easy and I'm now so happy.

So for my other exciting thing....

I scored big on Saturday.  Went to my corner bookstore on the third anniversary of it's opening.   I bought two books - The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake was one and Dorothea Benton Frank's latest was the other.  (I'll get to DBF in a minute) ...when I went to the counter the owner said..."Today you buy two books- you get the third free"  I wanted to say "Shut UP" but I was polite and said "Wonderful" and hopped back and got my guilty pleasure - one of the Stephanie Plum books...pure summer read.   So I hop up to the counter and she says, "Wait, you qualify for either a mystery bag of goodies or a gift certificate to a local store".   Well, I was afraid the goodie bag would be bunch of books I've already read so I took the gift certificate to the local boutique.   I thank them profusely and run to Bella's Boutique.

It's a knock off purse store but the quality is better than the ones at the mall.   I go in and the girl behind the counter is even more excited than I am about the Gift Certificate.   So I find a cute purse with a rose on it and a scarf threaded through it.   It's $10 off.   The Girl at the Counter says.."Do you have your punch card?"  I dig and find it and guess what...I just needed another punch to fill it!

$30 of free stuff!!  So got a cool silver necklace with hearts and rhinestones on it...and some knockoff Dolce and Gabonna sunglasses (they even have DG on the side).

All that made up for the disappointment I had by missing Dorothea Benton Frank   She was coming to that very bookstore that very night.   But I had to go to a housewarming that was 30 minutes away so I missed her.  And the A/C was out at the party!!  I had to drink a cosmos to make up for the heat.  

Oh..and the dauchshound on the top?   I don't know anything about him except he was in the AJC today and made me smile.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My own international house of pancakes

Ok..while I love people who read my blog,  the comments left by our foreign counterparts are obviously not actually reading the blog.    They are usually trying to advertise some sort of sex trade.   I delete..they keep coming.

So I'm going to look for either a) a new hosting site or b) make my blog invitation only.    Since only three people are actually reading my blog that shouldn't be a problem...but it would keep other actual readers out.

Ah...there is my dilemna.

Now yesterday I had a bit of excitement.  Walking at my local park which was descimanted by the September Flood, my beagle decided to try to give a big old snake a kiss.   I was in lala land thinking about the birds or something when I heard a hiss.   There at the side of the path was a huge black snake curled up with his head raised ready to bite my Lucy.   I jerked her away..screamed as loud as I could and we ran.   I looked back and snake was slithering off across the path which is about ten feed wide.  He took up most of it.
  He looked like this:                                                                        

Don't worry...I didn't go back for a picture.  But he had that greenish/yellow underbelly and no rattle.  So I"m pretty sure he was a rat snake.   Yuck.

That was pretty much all the wildlife we saw yesterday.   Other than the couple of deaf fishermen (had to be deaf because I screamed that loud).

So drop me an email and I will let you know where I'll be posting next or if this will become a private club.