Sunday, July 28, 2013

Missouri, the mall and mullets

Ok,  you may say all three are related and in a way you would be right.  Mullets were probably in style in Missouri way longer than they should have been.

But that is not the point of this post.

I went to Missouri.  Why?  One - to see family I have not seen in ten years.  Which is way too long but it can be expensive and I wanted to bring Amanda too.   Two - to escape the grand opening of the Outlet Shoppes of Atlanta.  This outlet mall is not in Atlanta but .6 miles from my house.

Turns out it was a great decision.  They sold 15K tickets to the Pre opening and only had 1750 parking spaces.  Even if people car pooled that ain't enough. So they parked at the school on the other side of my subdivision, they parked at the church, they parked up and down roads and they walked.   They had one van as a shuttle but when you have hundreds of people - it makes no difference.  The traffic was bad .  There are only two ways to get to my house and apparently both took hours.

So I finally went yesterday morning.  I got a parking spot at the mall but still far away (it opened at 10 and I got there a few minutes after).   There were much better deals than when they first opened.   A clerk told me they are raising prices next week for back to school shopping.  I got a pair of top siders for Amanda for free when I bought a pair of Coach flats.   I also got bunch of tops at 40% off at Saks and at Chicos.

When I left, the parking lot was full and they were parking on the street.

How was Missouri?  Quiet, peaceful and a little sad.  I know I can never move back there but I do plan to visit more often.  My ex MIL was very gracious and allowed me to stay at her house at night.   Amanda had a great visit with her.  Above is a garden we visited..I saw several beautiful gardens even with their drought.

Finally, we come to mullets.  Not really much to say but I want to a bar last night with an 80s cover band.  At first I thought they were young..then realized they may be older than me.  The lead singer had a shaggy mullet thing going on and the guitarist wore furry boots.  It was entertaining but even more so were the barflys  Women in their 40s and 50s trying to get the band's attention.  They were very drunk and pretty much destroyed any dignity they ever had. is your summer?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Endoscopy, French Music and some new Trails

How is everyone doing?  I had my second near angle glaucoma surgery this week.  They lasered an opening in the right eye in May and I had the left eye done this week.  The worst part was waiting forever between the paperwork, the drops, surgery and then the followup to be released.  Crazy.   And I was the youngest patient by at least a decade.   I read online (and they are always right online) that some allergy and asthma meds can hasten the progression of this type of glaucoma.   Ok, being able to breathe vs being able to see.  At least the surgery is an easy fix.

This week is my first colonoscopy.   Since I work for a company that sells endoscopy equipment,  I should have had this done last year.  But I'm a procrastinator.    But I'm glad I"m getting it done. Vodka is a clear liquid, right?

I've been stocking up on books and music for summer.  I got the sequel to Devil Wears far it is not as interesting since Miranda has only made a minor appearance.  Andy was not the interesting part of DWP..Miranda was...

I also downloaded a bunch of music including some music from a French singer named Zaz.   She has a great style.  I have no idea what she is singing but she will be my go to music this season.

Also, I'm loving the new Robin Thicke song.  I'm sure I will be sick of it soon but right now I'm loving it.  Who knew something cool would come out of Alan Thicke...hahahahaha

My new trail is the Bob Callan/Rottonwood Creek trail down by the Weather Channel.  It feeds into the Palisades trail by the Hooch.  I highly recommend it...lots of pretty scenery

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Germany, Portland and lots of trails

My friends,  I apologize for being absent for so long...

2012 was so busy and Facebook has been my mode of communicating what I have been up to.  But I've really missed being able to expound a bit on my adventures.  So let's try a quick summation of 2012 and catch you up on all things Susan.

1.  I started eating healthy and exercising.  Bottom line - I lost 47 lbs.  How did I do it you ask?  I cut out all fast food, most chocolate and I increased my veggie and fruit intake by a like a gazillion.    

2.  My company sent me to Germany in June.  I went to Tubingen (prettiest town ever),  Garmisch, and Munich.  I fell in love with the country and their dedication to the environment.  It is clean everywhere!  They do love their rules and I was yelled at by more than one Frau. LOL!   But the food was great (you can eat very healthy over there)

3.  I traveled to Seattle and Portland in August.   Had a very different trip than 2011.  I was in better shape so I explored a lot on my own.  Portland has changed a great deal since I was there in the early 90s.   Chinatown is very depressed and deserted.   Powell's didn't impress like it did the first time.  But I loved the walking tour and the waterfall tours.  

4.  I started doing 5ks.  I was dead last in my first one but eventually improved my time.  My goal for 2014 is to run one.  My friend Jo thinks I could work up to a 10K or a half marathon.  I dunno..maybe.

2013 was pretty much the same - I'm attempting to hike every trail in Atlanta.   Most of them are on the Chattahoochee River.   Last week someone took a pic of an 8 foot alligator that is hanging out on one of the trails.   Lucy is my constant companion even though her bathroom breaks and sniff breaks add time to the walks, I wouldn't enjoy them half as much without her.

This summer I'm going back to Missouri to see family.  I haven't been back for 10 years and it is time.   I would like to go to Kansas and see my mom's grave and take Amanda.   We shall see.

So that is it.  You will probably see lots of trail pics and some family stuff this year.   So thanks for sticking with me...