Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall, knitting and plants

I've been so busy at work I've neglected me. So this past week I've been fixing up my house with flowers, arrangements and today I took the first really pretty day off in forever to plant a bunch of shade plants.

You may not know it but Atlanta has had record rainfall for the past month. A few weeks ago it flooded and homes that have never had water were soaked. Many homes are gone. My area is still affected. Businesses and parks are closed until further notice.

But another problem was the gray skies. By Saturday I was in such a funk. It was pretty yesterday but cold and windy. Today was in the 60's and pretty. I went out at 8 and just now came in. But my attitude is so much better and I'll sleep well tonight.

I started out this morning with my ugly backyard. No grass..just mulch and trees. I went to Starbucks last night and asked for some coffee grounds as I was planting azaleas, camellias, and rhododendrons. They gave me a garbage bag full!!

Well, several hours later, several callouses later..I have my bushes. I also added a aucuba bush which needs no sun and is so pretty...the one at my old house was over six feet tall..nothing bothered it. Well, I'm off to order a pizza (no cooking tonight) and sit, knit and watch How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory...two of my favorites....