Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rain, Birkins and Julia Childs

Let me say we are on day 5 of rain. Not soft rain...hard storms with lightening rain. Cars are washing are ruined. I feel lucky that only my landscaping has been harmed. Lucy, on the other hand, does not realize she is blessed. She is royally pissed that I make her go outside at all. But the rain has given me an excuse to do little but read.

I finally finished Bringing Home the Birkin and Julia Child's My Life in France. Both are set in Europe..both feature people who are delightful. I fell in love with both books.

In honor of Julia, I watched a video on YouTube (I love that site!) where she makes a real omelette. Turns out I had no clue. I've been making tough, leathery omelettes all my life. I made it her way with butter and only 20 seconds in the pan..and it was so good. Light, fluffy...just delicious. So I tried a modified Beef Bourginion tonight. It turned out fine..except it did burn a little. But I caught before any real damage could occur. Now I long for a larger Le Creuset French Oven. I have the 2 quart..which is fine for small serving dishes. But for would need at least the 5 quart which is 3 times as expensive.

Did y'all watch the Georgia O'Keefe movie on Lifetime? I really want to discuss with someone. It was really a very simple movie but had a few moral issues I want to discuss. It did make wonder why Jeremy Irons is not in more movies. Joan Allen was wonderful as O'Keefe.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My so called vacation

Yep, those are my toes. I have rule about not having foot pictures as my feet are not that pretty. Although I do have some great sandals.

Anyway, these are my feet after a day of answering calls, emails, faxes, etc. And I'm on vacation. It's a busy time for my company and I have no problem helping out. I just need a vacation for my vacation.

I will be 48 tomorrow. I can't believe I'm that old. I don't feel that old. I don't look that old - ok, maybe I do. But I definitely do not feel it.
I'm realizing that the last 48 years have been kind of a blur. Things have slowed down for me the past three years. I've been in this house and had no real crisis or disaster. And for that I am grateful. I had enough the first 45 years of my life. I've also realized that I'm pretty much on my own here on out (have been for 10 years but I kept thinking I'd meet someone) and I better make my life around that and not keep waiting. I have my own social group of friends who I go to dinner with and movies, etc. I go to the gym - for my health not my looks....and I have my cute little house. All in all it's not a bad life.

Ok, that is my rambling...where are you in your life? Are you happy? Are you yearning? Are you in a bunch of drama? Remember, it isn't bad or is just is.

Finally, I'm taking a break this weekend from the internet. I have my daughter coming into town to celebrate my birthday and I need a break. My sister and I have called a truce on the whole Glenn Beck thing (have you seen what he is saying about Rockefeller Center? KooKoo) Facebook is becoming not a place to play.. it's becoming a political minefield of people. It's getting ugly in a short time and I got sucked into it and I need to pull back.

So hasta la vista...I want to see what you post...I do care and enjoy reading them....