Thursday, November 25, 2010

I have been violated

Yep..somehow..someway...I got a nasty virus.   Twice.   Actually..I think didn't get rid of it the first time.

It's one that invades your hard drive and transmits your personal information to the bad guys.  Now..I caught it quick the second time and I think I've got it cleaned. 

So now I'm backing up everything...buying Windows 7 this weekend and then taking my desktop to work so the IT guy can uninstall XP and put in Windows 7. 

So I'll be MIA for awhile..hopefully, I won't have any long term issues.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sorry...I've been off for awhile

I've been a little down.  Work is tough.  Really tough. 

I also live in a very conservative area.  I'd like to discuss my political views but have no one to talk to. 

It was really hot and suddenly it is really cold.  Yuck.

Yesterday I won tickets to a wine tasting event and tonight I'm going to Cirque for the "Ova" show.  So life is not too bad and I need to pull myself out of this funk. 

So I'm posting.  How are y'all?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bunnies and Pink Suitcases

It is so damn hot.   I took Lucy for a short walk this morning (which included a visit across the street to sniff her boyfriend, a French Bulldog named Max) and we are both spent.  It is at least 85 at 7 and so humid.  I want to stay home but I can't.  As you can see I need to replace an old table.  Although that is interesting how it fell and the plant stayed exactly the same.

Bunnies are everywhere!  Lucy is going nuts over them.  And they are brazen.  One night Lucy and Amanda's dog, Cassie, went nuts at the front door.   A baby bunny was very close and eating my grass.   I finally chased it away because Lucy tried to go through the glass window.   Later that night, I was turning off the lights for bed and saw someone in my front yard.  It was a neighbor picking up their dog poo.   Not a peep out of Lucy.  I guess if a person breaks in I'm toast but if a bunny robs me I'll be safe.

Finally, I'm taking a hint from friend who amazes me with her travels.  I can no longer live vicariously through her.   I joined a group called the Pink Suitcase Sisters.  They are run by a travel agency and you pay your money and go.  No planning (other than how you get picked up from the airport).   I went to a gathering Thursday and I think I'm going to like this group.   They are planning some local stuff like Zip Lining in the mountains and going to Oakland Cometary at Halloween.    Next year they are going to Santa Fe and that sounds like something I could do.   Plus I got a cool suitcase, t-shirt and magnet.  

How are you surviving such a hot summer?   Staying indoors, the pool or traveling to cooler places?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ducks, books and 100 degrees

What has happened since I last posted..well, not alot.   Everyone is on vacation.  Which makes work a bit slow...but frustrating because when the CEO is out everyone does their best to push the limits.   I'm beat.

However, that didn't stop me from going to a bookclub meeting tonight.   I got to meet a great author, Karen White, for the second time.   She's the kind of woman who acts, looks and probaby is always put together.   Hair was perfect, cute outfit with the coolest cuff on her wrist.  And she's a really good author.  

The only problem is I just found out about the club...went to it without reading the book.   And what does a book club do?   Discuss everything including the ending.   And Karen sat next to me so I had to have her sign the book that was thrust in my hand as I walked in.  (I'm a co-dependent book buyer).  

I also bought next month's selection "Lost Horizon".   The author won't be there because he is dead.'s that "Lost Horizon".  I've seen the movie..and I think I read the book many moons ago.  

I also  bought September's book..but I'm too lazy to get my bag to give you the title...I'll do that soon.   Of course I have about a dozen books I need to finish. 

Joining a book club for me is like an alcoholic going to a wine tasting party...not good.

My duck story is simple..I was going to work and drove past the AFB when three teenage ducks were waddling in a row into the four lane street..where the speed limit is 45 mph.   I swerved as did the people behind me.  I hope they made it.  But there was nothing on the other side of the road but a closed up car dealership.   I think they were better on the base. 

And it is freaking hot here.   99 degrees..which usually doesn't happen for another month.   I hate to think what August will be.   And it will rain this weekend which means no lake or pool for me.  


Monday, June 28, 2010

I are stupid

Yep..I make the blog invite only and don't invite anyone...hahahaha

So if you are reading this I guess you got the invite.  (just don't post sex page invites in another language..:)

What is going on?   Well, I'm in a bit of a rut.    It has been in the high 90's for weeks now.   I can only stand to work in the yard in the evening..and then only for an hour at a time.  The pool is no is really warm and doesn't cool you off.

So I stay inside, read and watch Real Housevives of anywhere.  (they all become the same after awhile).

I had to go to a bunch of work functions and that is the last thing I want to do on my weekends.   However, I did go to the Royals/Braves game and while the Royals lost it brought back memories of watching them in the WS with the Cardinals.   That was exciting if you were from Missouri which I was.   Anyway I came home with peanuts in my purse.  They were thrown at me by my co-workers...just because I was cheering for the Royals...loudly. big news..well for me it is..   Remember I killed my Ipod in Vegas (obviously what goes to Vegas does not survive Vegas - I also killed my cell phone) ...well, I do not want to buy another Ipod.  I found out this weekend that I could transfer my whole Itunes catalog to my Droid. ..which I did and now I'm happy again.   If you have a Droid you can do this by downloading
It is really easy and I'm now so happy.

So for my other exciting thing....

I scored big on Saturday.  Went to my corner bookstore on the third anniversary of it's opening.   I bought two books - The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake was one and Dorothea Benton Frank's latest was the other.  (I'll get to DBF in a minute) ...when I went to the counter the owner said..."Today you buy two books- you get the third free"  I wanted to say "Shut UP" but I was polite and said "Wonderful" and hopped back and got my guilty pleasure - one of the Stephanie Plum books...pure summer read.   So I hop up to the counter and she says, "Wait, you qualify for either a mystery bag of goodies or a gift certificate to a local store".   Well, I was afraid the goodie bag would be bunch of books I've already read so I took the gift certificate to the local boutique.   I thank them profusely and run to Bella's Boutique.

It's a knock off purse store but the quality is better than the ones at the mall.   I go in and the girl behind the counter is even more excited than I am about the Gift Certificate.   So I find a cute purse with a rose on it and a scarf threaded through it.   It's $10 off.   The Girl at the Counter says.."Do you have your punch card?"  I dig and find it and guess what...I just needed another punch to fill it!

$30 of free stuff!!  So got a cool silver necklace with hearts and rhinestones on it...and some knockoff Dolce and Gabonna sunglasses (they even have DG on the side).

All that made up for the disappointment I had by missing Dorothea Benton Frank   She was coming to that very bookstore that very night.   But I had to go to a housewarming that was 30 minutes away so I missed her.  And the A/C was out at the party!!  I had to drink a cosmos to make up for the heat.  

Oh..and the dauchshound on the top?   I don't know anything about him except he was in the AJC today and made me smile.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My own international house of pancakes

Ok..while I love people who read my blog,  the comments left by our foreign counterparts are obviously not actually reading the blog.    They are usually trying to advertise some sort of sex trade.   I delete..they keep coming.

So I'm going to look for either a) a new hosting site or b) make my blog invitation only.    Since only three people are actually reading my blog that shouldn't be a problem...but it would keep other actual readers out.

Ah...there is my dilemna.

Now yesterday I had a bit of excitement.  Walking at my local park which was descimanted by the September Flood, my beagle decided to try to give a big old snake a kiss.   I was in lala land thinking about the birds or something when I heard a hiss.   There at the side of the path was a huge black snake curled up with his head raised ready to bite my Lucy.   I jerked her away..screamed as loud as I could and we ran.   I looked back and snake was slithering off across the path which is about ten feed wide.  He took up most of it.
  He looked like this:                                                                        

Don't worry...I didn't go back for a picture.  But he had that greenish/yellow underbelly and no rattle.  So I"m pretty sure he was a rat snake.   Yuck.

That was pretty much all the wildlife we saw yesterday.   Other than the couple of deaf fishermen (had to be deaf because I screamed that loud).

So drop me an email and I will let you know where I'll be posting next or if this will become a private club.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Really?? A band at my hips? Really?

Went shopping for summer tops.   It's hot today, my company is tightening up the dress code and I need new clothes! 

So what do I find..lots of tops with a band at the bottom...why, who, what?????   Why would I accentuate a part of my anatomy that needs no attention.    It's pretty much all Kohl's had..all Lane Bryant had...finally I went to Dress Barn...and SCORE...lots of cute tops..

I spent more than I needed but it will get me through the summer.

On another college friends are not faring so well this summer.   I discovered my friend Dave passed away from a brain anerurysm in 2006.   So I emailed his old roommate Eric.  But I didn't hear back.  I just found out in February, he got a staph infection and his leg amputated.  While recovering he suffered congestive heart failure.   He survived and is recovering but holy crap.   

So I'm resolved to start taking better care of myself.  I'm not ready to give this life up yet.   Wish me luck.   And life is too short to wear shirts with bands at the bottom.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Graduation or otherwise known as now I'm old

23 years and two months ago tomorrow..I gave birth to a beautiful 7 lb 14 oz daughter.   It was not easy  -  19 hours of labor and two hours of pushing and then an emergency C Section (I begged them to knock me out)....

So today, my baby graduated from college with a BSA in Animal Science.   She will spend the next year applying to Vet School, working at the dairy and interning with an 83 year old veterinarian.   Yep..83... and she loves it.   She has learned how to amputate, stitch up, neuter and spay, fix a hernia and give all the necessary shots.   He's large animal but he also takes in dogs and cats.  She has also learned all the little diners, where the best pound cake is and other assorted 83 year old things to do. 

Anyhoo.. today was the School of Agriculture graduation.   Most of the kids had decorated their caps in anticipation of the large UGA graduation tonight (we skipped)   Amanda was adorable and I teared up but didn't cry. 

My college graduation was a full day event.  We had baccalaureate, then graduation was hours long.  Then pictures.   I had the uncomfortable task of telling an old boyfriend we would never get back together in front of my father!  And then I had to find Satan who was my current boyfriend so he and my dad could help move me out of the dorm.  It was very stressful.

It all goes so quickly and then it is over.   Kind of like life. 


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunflowers, a storm that hasn't come and I'm really down

I'm not sure how many people read this blog..I  hope it is interesting for those that do...

Had a bad day yesterday.  I screwed something up at work.  And it's fairly large thing.  A careless mistake..something overlooked that should not have been.  Caused a great deal of work for others and it was never truly fixed.   I'm not afraid of getting in trouble..I deserve whatever I get.   I have no excuse just that I've been sick for two weeks and not on my game.  And it really is making me angry.  Whatever I have is now causing laryngitis so not only did I have to talk for three hours but it probably set me back on trying to get better.   So now I'm really down.  This is the first time I've been really sick since I started this job 10 years ago.  And I just can't shake it.    

So this morning, I was playing with my droid and I took the picture..all my pics with this phone are out of focus.  But I like this one with the sunlight and the glass vase.   Makes it softer.

And I keep waiting on the horrible storm that have been predicting for a was supposed to have happened yesterday (didn't) and this morning we had clear skies and sunshine.   But it's cloudy now and they say it will happen later tonight.  Yea.

So tomorrow, I'll go in early.  The people who are mad at me will be out till Thursday.  And then I'll be out for Amanda's graduation.   So I can't even face this till next week.  Great.  Lovely.   

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pomengranate Margaritas and my trip to Krogers

I'll blame it on being sick for so long.

I woke up feeling better than I have for weeks.  I can breathe.   No coughing, no nagging rattling in my chest..yesterday people at work thought I had pneumonia I sounded so bad - today an almost 180 turnaround.

So I go to Kroger..all I need is some melatonin.   I took the week off it and I have suffered.   So I get my melatonin.oh, wait..some cute windchimes..oh..and some tanning lotion (graduation is next week) ..oh..I need a new toothbrush...

Then, I bought the Rebecca Wells book that is in paperback...I haven't like anything of hers since the YaYa Sisterhood.   I'm not sure why I wanted this..but then I bought a new magazine called New Beauty...way too expensive.  Oh and then It's Complicated was on sale.  And I love that movie.   I lust for that house.  But wait...I rang myself up..and

$87 at Kroger.   $87!!! 

Not quite as bad as my $100 sock and shoe shopping trip at Target but I think it is time I stay home. 

I got some Pomengranate Margarita frozen drink thing at Publix.   Sounds like good medicine tonight. 

Saturday, April 24, 2010


It is raining today..cats and dogs..and I guess rodents.

Lucy chased a chipmunk in threw the front door..

I'm wet from being outside with her..I'm just awake and I have a cute little vermin in my living room.   I brought Lucy in and put her in a room with the door closed.   The chipmunk was at a window jumping up on his hind paws trying to get out.  

So I got the broom and scooted the little guy out (after getting the attached really bad pic with my droid (I love my droid).

So all is safe -the little guy is in the bushes OUTSIDE and Lucy is running around whining trying to find the chipmunk.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sleepless in Atlanta

Here is where I am with the steroids.

1. My face is a ball...everyone at work is teasing me.
2. Went to bed at 10...wide awake at 1. Now it is almost 4. I've watched Project Runway (yea Seth Aaron), made an omelette, had chocolate and some almonds..I could eat more. ALOT MORE.
3. I also laid in bed and worried about things I cannot change and then got pissed that I could not change them.
4. Did I tell you I was hungry?
5. Tomorrow should be jeans day but one of our docs is coming so I have to dress up.
6. I spent $100 at Target today and got NOTHING I needed. But I do have some cute sandals. now. I b;ame the steroids.
7. I am breathing better. So the steroids did their job. Hope it stays that way..I still have the cough.
8. Ok..I'm going to go clean the house.
9. Saturday is my last dose. YEAH...I will probably crash and sleep for 48 hours. 
At Target I found the cutest slippers and put them in my basket...but they were extra large and my feet would not stay in them..the other size was small..but the steroids have swollen my feet so I couldn't be sure if they would fit. 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My trip to Vegas

This time last week I was on a plane to Vegas.   It was my company's National Sales Meeting and my one trip out of town a year.  I went a day early to see the sights.  

First - let me say...I hate casinos.   I have severe asthma and smoke really bothers me.   And gambling bores me...I just don't see the point.   However, I went to see everything else and I like the Bellagio fountains..this was in the afternoon and they were playing All that Jazz and I was drinking a Rum Runner and dancing down the street...perfect!

This is my friend, Carolyn and me.   I'm the short one in the back...she came out early to see the sights too. 

The strip from one of the crosswalks.

We were there in constant meetings (12 -14 hour days if you include the dinners).   I had a beautiful room and fell in love with the spa where we had eucalyptus steam rooms.   But my Ipod died and so did my phone.   (a bad magnet in my purse may have been the culprit). 

I now have a Droid and I love it.   I had to get texting as I got 90 texts and at .20 cents a text that racked up my bill. 

The weather was hot and dry and my asthma loved it.   Came home Wednesday to pollen, humidity and heat.  Let's say my asthma is not loving that.   I'm on Predizone for some poison ivy I got into..that is probably saving my life right.  

So, I'm glad to be home..pollen and all..but it was a fun few days. 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My book recommendations for the Spring.

I love to read but I can't predict the flow of my reading. Sometimes I can read several books in one weekend and then I'll go a month and only read the back of my cereal box. I have no idea what causes this and can't predict when it will happen.

Which is why I'm on the public library's most wanted list. I can never get a book back on time. I finally realized it was cheaper for me to buy from Barnes and Noble or my neighborhood book store and then sell, give or donate it after I finish. I do keep some..mainly autographed copies of books. this month I have devoured books..(maybe it might be the hammock I have on the porch now) I read The Help (enjoyed it..local author), Dead Travel Fast (a quick read) and Saving CeeCee Honeycutt - a very good book..some tragic moments but it has the feel of the YaYa Sisterhood in that the interaction between the women was healing. I loved it and immediately imagined it made into a movie.

Another great book was The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. A YaYa recommended it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A mystery with an 11 year old sleuth as the heroine. Very cool.

Oh, and I read The Secret Life CeeCee Wilkes (two CeeCees). I liked it as well..but it was not a feel good book.

One last book which I have not read is Where Mercy is Shown, Mercy is Given by Dog the Bounty Hunter. Now, I have watched the show a few times but have not since his scandal. But he came to my hometown at the bequest of the best little bookstore in the world. Foxtale Books and 1000 people showed up for his autograph. He was very late..showed up in a bus with his face all over it and then instead of sitting for the signing..he came out and signed everyone's pictures please. Anyway, he smelled like alcohol and looks like he's been rode hard but he did sign a 1000 books. Beth is smaller than she looks on t.v. and was very nice. So all in all it was not a bad night...

So those are my books I've read...I'm starting on the Reliable Wife...and it seems dark..

Oh..and those ladies with Dog are the owners of the Foxtale Books..if you are ever in Woodstock, must visit their store.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Follow up on Lucy

Last week at this time I was crying in the middle of Petsmart. The Vet wouldn't console me, the checkout girls kept telling me they were sorry.

Now, my Lucy is running around the house like a maniac playing with my daughter's dog. You wouldn't know how sick she was last week.

I took her to the vet on Tuesday..she was somewhat better after I dumped the Science/Hills prescription crap they made me buy. I started making boiled chicken and rice and Lucy finally started eating. Well, the vet (her normal vet) looked at the bloodwork and said it was consistent with an infection. Any time we get an infection our liver gets some damage but it regenerates quickly so it's not a big deal. And only one enzyme was elevated -if it was more serious more would be elevated.

Just to be careful I need to take her in for more another round of tests in a month but the vet was pretty sure she was fine.

Thank you all for thinking good thoughts. She is my buddy. -

The pic is Lucy taking on a dog twice her size...that's my tough dog.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I've had many dogs in my life. There was Brownie- she was my birthday gift when I was nine. But no matter how much we played she was attached to my dad. I didn't realize dogs attach to the person who feeds them..and dad really did take care of her. My mom called me my freshman year to tell me she walked over to my dad, made a strange noise and just fell over. Probably a heart attack, dad spoiled her rotten. I was sad, but it broke my dad's heart.

Then I had Ginger. She was a cairn terrier that I got from a pet store. I was just out of college and had no idea how these dogs were treated. She was way over bred...she had an allergy to everything and was a little off. No matter how vigilant I was I could not get her completely house trained. And she was cranky. I finally had to have her put down and though it made me sad I was not heartbroken.

Maggie came next. By then I knew a pound puppy was the only way to go. She was a black lab/german shephard mix. She grew to over a 100 pounds at her heaviest. Maggie was a bull in a china shop if there ever was one. But once she got over her adolescence she was so smart. She took commands easily - she was housebroken till she was a very old lady and she was so embarrassed then. When the vet and I had exhausted our options I held her till she was gone. That broke my heart. I vowed..never to go through that again.

Then my daugher insisted I get another dog..she was at college and she didn't want me to be alone. Finally, I agreed to go look for dogs. But I knew it needed to a dog that chose me. And finally we went to the Paulding Animal shelter and this little brown dog wagged her tail when she saw me. I took her out of her cage- she gave me one kiss and put her head on my shoulder. That was Lucy. Since then she and I are as close as you can get. We go to the park, for walks, to Starbucks (they have dog bones)... she is always excited to see me.

Friday, she got sick- during the largest snow storm Atlanta has seen in years. She was sick all night and I was so worried she would get dehydrated. So yesterday, I called all the vets in the area to see if they were open. None were. I finally decided once the ice melted off the roads I would take her to the emergency clinic (terrible reputation) but luckily, I remember Petsmart had a clinic in the store- they had just opened and told me to bring her in. I thought what she had was respiratory since she was breathing heavily and her nose was running...but it was not. In fact, after many tests it turned out that her liver is not functioning properly. The Vet (who seemed better with animals than people) that it was very serious. She said she didn't think it was failing - yet- but we were heading in that direction. She sent us home with antibiotics, some serious de wormer treatment (just in case) and instructions to take her to my regular vet on Tuesday. I broke down right there..the nurse said not to worry that Lucy will be ok and then looked at the vet who said that she couldn't be so sure. (again, better with animals than people)

So I'm waiting. Lucy is no longer throwing up. And she has eaten a bit. But she is still lethargic.

She is only three. This just hurts.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My virtual vacation part deaux

Looking at my bank account I realize my dreams of going anywhere futher than Canton, Ga may not be realistic at this time. I also would not be spending the night in Canton which is five minutes away.

So please dream with me as I go to exotic locations that many of you have already been to...

First, lately I've been wanting to go to Rio as in de Janeiro ... however, the reviews from tourists don't give it glowing terms...for the money I should just go to Florida.

But isn't it pretty?

I love the ocean, the beach, fruity drinks and fun music. Nothing beats a hole in the wall bar on the beach with music and a rum drink on a full moon night.

On the other hand I love the mountains, cold air and the bigness of it all. My parents took me to the Colorado and Wyoming when I was 14 and I loved it. That's why I think I'd love Alaska..

Isn't that pretty? I used to live in Florida and I loved watching dolphins..I think it would be even cooler to see the whales. I don't think I could live there..even if you live in the city the cold is way too cold. But I would love to visit.

Ok..that is enough dreaming for me today...tomorrow maybe I'll go to Greece or Italy....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Where I have been and where I will be...

I apologize to those who read my blog. It's been a long time since I felt relaxed enough to write. I'm not sure how I got that way this morning...maybe because I'm so tired I can't get stressed.

Work. That's it. Nothing else. We have not only been busy admin wise but also sales have been through the roof. We really don't get it...the economy has not really recovered...but no one is complaining. Unfortunately, for me...this time of year usually affords me time to get all the admin stuff done..but not this year. I can't breathe. I get over a 100 emails a day, calls, voicemails and people who walk into my office and close the door because they need to vent. I try to protect myself some but so many people depend on me for answers that not much gets protected. To catch up with the emails I'm responding at night in my pajamas. I'm dreaming about our products..when I should be dreaming about anything else.

Oh...but I do have a dream...I want a vacation and I think I have found a spot. The Salish Lodge...I love the Pacific Northwest and dream of living in Portland someday. is quiet, beautiful and they welcome dogs ...hello, Lucy!

I really want to get all my debt paid off so I can start really saving and traveling. The only way I can truly get away from work is to get away...somewhere remote. I don't want a repeat of my NOLA trip where I was talking to a sales rep on the phone while trying to enjoy a a cafe au lait at Cafe de Monde.

Oh, and I finally I finished South of Broad..I promised JoJo I would let her know what I thought. Well, here is my impression. Conroy is a lyrical writer. He can weave a story like no one else...however, this was one was crammed with too much..too many tears, too many psychos, too much of everything. I adored Leo's father, I love Leo's relationship with the cranky antique dealer and I thought the friendship with Ike was a great story. However, the twins and the orphans were over the top and made the story seem crowded. The Hugo story with the porpoise was very nice. I love the group as kids..not so much as adults. I can't say I hated the book but I didn't love it either. Conroy is like our Anne Rivers Siddons from Atlanta...they are very talented but sometimes they try too hard.

Ok..I'm off for the day..tomorrow I need to work again..perhaps a quiet day at the office will allow me to catch up so I don't tear my hair out in frustration...I'll leave you with a pic of the falls by the lodge...