Saturday, September 24, 2011

The perfect Saturday

I think today may have been the perfect Saturday.  I've had them before but today I felt it.

1.  Woke up at 7 and went outside with Lucy.  Bunny was at the gate.  Way too cute.
2.  Took Lucy to vet where she obeyed all my commands and was the perfect lady.   Everyone ooohed and ahhed over her which is something with an office full of cute furry things.  I take full credit for her cuteness.
3.  On the way home we saw Bob the Turkey (no not my ex).  There is a Turkey that lives in Woodstock named Bob.  He was at the intersection and he looked like he was waiting on the light.   He's huge too.
4.  Then I had a spa day at the salon..manicure, massage and facial.  The masseuse really worked on my back which has been in pain since I moved into my new office.   The manicure is perfect - kind of a cross between a dark red and brown.  Very fall.
5.  Did I mention it was in the 70's till late in the day?   Awesome.
6.  Oh and I treated myself to lunch on the outside patio of the restaurant next to the Salon.  They have a garden and except for a hornet that kept hanging around it was nice.  A woman walked by and saw me and smiled.  I could tell she was envious of my outdoor lunch.   I went by an our later and she was having her lunch by herself on the patio.   Great minds. 

I love being 50...eating by myself is enjoyable now.  I would have been mortified years ago. 
I can appreciate a day like this. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

My last night in my 40s

Mt. Rainer
First, I so apologize for the not posting for so long.  It's been a weird year for me.  Not in a bad way but I've kind of gone into myself this year and hibernated.  But I'm coming out of that and ready to start interacting more.

So, first, I joined a travel group - Pink Suitcase Sisters.  Great Group.   My first big trip was this August ..we went to Seattle.  This is a rather sentimental trip for me.  My Grandparents lived in Seattle in 1928 to help my mom deal with her asthma (she was a baby)..I have a drawing of the cabin they lived in..I'll try to scan and post.  My grandmother was an artist and often drew and painted.  Also, one of the last times my mom saw her father was in Seattle.  She talked a lot about the Space Needle..which like me is 50 this year.  Way cool.

So we flew AirTran.  Have to say I was disappointed.  No food even though it was about six hours.  The Flight Attendant was rude and was not helping some unruly unattended children.  However, our tour guide complained and we were awarded some vouchers.

Both of us are 50 woohoo!
Very nice room!

We stayed at the Alexis Hotel and I had my own room.  I highly recommend both the hotel and staying by yourself.  I could sleep when I wanted, read, talk to my friends, talk to myself ..etc.  Very nice. This is what my room looked like.

Can I say I LOVED Pike's Market?  I ate my way through it..Clam Chowder, Crumpets, fresh fruit (love the cherries).  The bouquets of flowers are unbelievable.  I got some huge sunflowers for my friend Jo and I so wanted to bring some home.  If I lived in Seattle I would have to go there all the time.   Plus it was a few blocks uphill from my hotel which got me walking again.  When I got back to work my office had been moved upstairs so it got me in good enough shape to climb the stairs many times a day.

Ok..I'm off to eat some birthday cake and drink some very sweet wine.  I'm woosy about wine..unless it's sweet I don't bother.  (Arbor Mist anyone? )  I know this will offend my wine friends but give me an appletini any day.

Have a good night!