Saturday, June 23, 2007

My last blog site is gone..but I'm back!

I've missed blogging. I went through so much in the past year, I believe this will help me sort out my life and I can continue in a positive direction.

Ok, in the past year, I've:

1. Sold my house in one day.
2. After a frantic two months found a cute little cottage house but the owner's son was a jerk and made my life hell for an additional month.
3. Had lasik (the best decision ever!)
4. Had my 16 year old Lab put to sleep (I'll miss you forever, Mags)
5. Adopted a beagle mix pound puppy who is just trouble.
6. Hired not one but two new staff members.

That's a lot. And I'm a little anxious to have my life in as little turmoil as possible. I want to build up my friend base and I really want it to be people outside of work.

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