Monday, June 28, 2010

I are stupid

Yep..I make the blog invite only and don't invite anyone...hahahaha

So if you are reading this I guess you got the invite.  (just don't post sex page invites in another language..:)

What is going on?   Well, I'm in a bit of a rut.    It has been in the high 90's for weeks now.   I can only stand to work in the yard in the evening..and then only for an hour at a time.  The pool is no is really warm and doesn't cool you off.

So I stay inside, read and watch Real Housevives of anywhere.  (they all become the same after awhile).

I had to go to a bunch of work functions and that is the last thing I want to do on my weekends.   However, I did go to the Royals/Braves game and while the Royals lost it brought back memories of watching them in the WS with the Cardinals.   That was exciting if you were from Missouri which I was.   Anyway I came home with peanuts in my purse.  They were thrown at me by my co-workers...just because I was cheering for the Royals...loudly. big news..well for me it is..   Remember I killed my Ipod in Vegas (obviously what goes to Vegas does not survive Vegas - I also killed my cell phone) ...well, I do not want to buy another Ipod.  I found out this weekend that I could transfer my whole Itunes catalog to my Droid. ..which I did and now I'm happy again.   If you have a Droid you can do this by downloading
It is really easy and I'm now so happy.

So for my other exciting thing....

I scored big on Saturday.  Went to my corner bookstore on the third anniversary of it's opening.   I bought two books - The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake was one and Dorothea Benton Frank's latest was the other.  (I'll get to DBF in a minute) ...when I went to the counter the owner said..."Today you buy two books- you get the third free"  I wanted to say "Shut UP" but I was polite and said "Wonderful" and hopped back and got my guilty pleasure - one of the Stephanie Plum books...pure summer read.   So I hop up to the counter and she says, "Wait, you qualify for either a mystery bag of goodies or a gift certificate to a local store".   Well, I was afraid the goodie bag would be bunch of books I've already read so I took the gift certificate to the local boutique.   I thank them profusely and run to Bella's Boutique.

It's a knock off purse store but the quality is better than the ones at the mall.   I go in and the girl behind the counter is even more excited than I am about the Gift Certificate.   So I find a cute purse with a rose on it and a scarf threaded through it.   It's $10 off.   The Girl at the Counter says.."Do you have your punch card?"  I dig and find it and guess what...I just needed another punch to fill it!

$30 of free stuff!!  So got a cool silver necklace with hearts and rhinestones on it...and some knockoff Dolce and Gabonna sunglasses (they even have DG on the side).

All that made up for the disappointment I had by missing Dorothea Benton Frank   She was coming to that very bookstore that very night.   But I had to go to a housewarming that was 30 minutes away so I missed her.  And the A/C was out at the party!!  I had to drink a cosmos to make up for the heat.  

Oh..and the dauchshound on the top?   I don't know anything about him except he was in the AJC today and made me smile.


susieatl said...

You should be able to comment now...

Lynnie said...

Here I am, trying to comment. Let's see if it works . . .

Lynnie said...

OOOOOH GOODY! It worked!

Thank you for whatever you did to fix it!!

EoDE said...

Congratulations on your haul over the weekend---that is too cool!

That pup at the top of your page is adorable.

IslandPearl said...

That's absolutely awesome! Like Christmas in July!!