Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bunnies and Pink Suitcases

It is so damn hot.   I took Lucy for a short walk this morning (which included a visit across the street to sniff her boyfriend, a French Bulldog named Max) and we are both spent.  It is at least 85 at 7 and so humid.  I want to stay home but I can't.  As you can see I need to replace an old table.  Although that is interesting how it fell and the plant stayed exactly the same.

Bunnies are everywhere!  Lucy is going nuts over them.  And they are brazen.  One night Lucy and Amanda's dog, Cassie, went nuts at the front door.   A baby bunny was very close and eating my grass.   I finally chased it away because Lucy tried to go through the glass window.   Later that night, I was turning off the lights for bed and saw someone in my front yard.  It was a neighbor picking up their dog poo.   Not a peep out of Lucy.  I guess if a person breaks in I'm toast but if a bunny robs me I'll be safe.

Finally, I'm taking a hint from friend who amazes me with her travels.  I can no longer live vicariously through her.   I joined a group called the Pink Suitcase Sisters.  They are run by a travel agency and you pay your money and go.  No planning (other than how you get picked up from the airport).   I went to a gathering Thursday and I think I'm going to like this group.   They are planning some local stuff like Zip Lining in the mountains and going to Oakland Cometary at Halloween.    Next year they are going to Santa Fe and that sounds like something I could do.   Plus I got a cool suitcase, t-shirt and magnet.  

How are you surviving such a hot summer?   Staying indoors, the pool or traveling to cooler places?


IslandPearl said...

Whoopeee! I'm so excited for you -- this sounds fabulous. I have found that once we decided on and took that first trip, we've been hooked.

I haven't had a moments regret either -- every single trip has been a wonderful adventure, and well worth every penny spent.

There's so much to see out there!

You GO girl!!

PS--- I also LOVE the bag!!

EoDE said...

Love the idea and the gear. Here's to the travel bug!

jojo cucina cucina said...

i loved Santa Fe! I'm not a big traveler but Santa Fe and Sedona were my favorite places. The Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe was so cool. I went there each day and bought something.

It's not been super hot here. Right now it's not even 70 degrees and we don't have the humidity in summer, only in winter with the rain. So it's been nice here in the Northwest because at least it's sunny. But for the few days that are hot i stay inside with my air conditioning!