Thursday, November 25, 2010

I have been violated

Yep..somehow..someway...I got a nasty virus.   Twice.   Actually..I think didn't get rid of it the first time.

It's one that invades your hard drive and transmits your personal information to the bad guys.  Now..I caught it quick the second time and I think I've got it cleaned. 

So now I'm backing up everything...buying Windows 7 this weekend and then taking my desktop to work so the IT guy can uninstall XP and put in Windows 7. 

So I'll be MIA for awhile..hopefully, I won't have any long term issues.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Yikes, susieatl! How did you find out about this? What virus protection do you use?

I have never had a virus at home (we have Norton). But at work i had a Trojan one, our Vipre protection cleared it once but then it came back and the techs had to give me a new hard drive until they could clear mine. Thank god for backups!

I wondered why the Vipre didn't catch it in the first place.

Good luck and i hope you are back soon!

susieatl said...

I had some bogus Hard Drive something or another that looked almost like a windows program but wasn't..then I got a warning that I had no room on my hard drive...

I rebooted my computer in safe mode but Microsoft Essentials caught nothing. Luckily I had Hitman Pro already on and it caught it. Then I ran Malawarebytes and it caught even more. I ran a few more different malware programs and then MSE again and I think it is cleaned but I could still have some damage.

I'm doing no financial or really personal stuff till my IT guy looks at it.

From what I hear none of the virus programs catch it..and it's ugly.