Saturday, September 24, 2011

The perfect Saturday

I think today may have been the perfect Saturday.  I've had them before but today I felt it.

1.  Woke up at 7 and went outside with Lucy.  Bunny was at the gate.  Way too cute.
2.  Took Lucy to vet where she obeyed all my commands and was the perfect lady.   Everyone ooohed and ahhed over her which is something with an office full of cute furry things.  I take full credit for her cuteness.
3.  On the way home we saw Bob the Turkey (no not my ex).  There is a Turkey that lives in Woodstock named Bob.  He was at the intersection and he looked like he was waiting on the light.   He's huge too.
4.  Then I had a spa day at the salon..manicure, massage and facial.  The masseuse really worked on my back which has been in pain since I moved into my new office.   The manicure is perfect - kind of a cross between a dark red and brown.  Very fall.
5.  Did I mention it was in the 70's till late in the day?   Awesome.
6.  Oh and I treated myself to lunch on the outside patio of the restaurant next to the Salon.  They have a garden and except for a hornet that kept hanging around it was nice.  A woman walked by and saw me and smiled.  I could tell she was envious of my outdoor lunch.   I went by an our later and she was having her lunch by herself on the patio.   Great minds. 

I love being 50...eating by myself is enjoyable now.  I would have been mortified years ago. 
I can appreciate a day like this. 

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