Monday, February 23, 2009

Wife Swap and Stephen Fowler

Everyone is in a snit about this episode. As it happens for only the second time in my life I watched this show...the first time I watched was so obvious it was fake I swore I wouldn't do it again.

However, Amanda was home, I was tired and there was literally nothing else on t.v.

So, we settle in and immediately I'm horrified by the Missouri couple. I'm from Missouri and people do not eat fast food cause "it's the American Way" or wear wife beaters or call housework skirt work. I thought, we go again..let's beat up on Missouri.

Then they showed Fowler and he presented himself as the stereotypical arrogant euro trash. He didn't disappoint. He called Mrs. Long names and berated her in front of the kids (Alan Long did the same but not as bad so it has been forgotten)

By the end I like neither family. And realized why I don't watch Wife Swap.

Now, Fowler is getting death threats and has had his house "egged" There are seriously angry websites dedicated to harrassing him.

Why is no one going after ABC? They allowed this garbage. They allowed the stereotypes and the hate. See..I think everyone is missing the point. They are promoting separation of classes. They are saying..hey, educated people hate uneducated people.

While Fowler should apologize and has as much as he can under contractual obligations..I hear nothing from the company owned by the Mouse.

And the Longs? Well, I've dug a little and they actually live in the suburbs of K.C..near my brother. Their country bumpkin act is probably just that. An act...

And we have all been taken in.

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