Sunday, March 29, 2009

DMX, Depeche Mode and George Michael

I'm listening to Up in Here and I want to ride around with my windows down and let everyone wonder why an overweight middle aged woman is listening to rap.

I like to do that while listening to Riding Dirty...the Woodstock Police need something to stir em up.

I just downloaded Wrong by Depeche Mode. I LOVE the video even though it is so disturbing...

Last night I was listening to George...he had such a beautiful face...what happened to him? I saw him on Eli Stone ( a big reason for watching the show) and I just couldn't get over how much different he looked...bad plastic surgery? Meth? Who knows. His voice didn't sound the same. Growing old sucks.


jojo cucina cucina said...

I started to watch this show at first but couldn't get into it. I was never a George Michael or Wham! fan. He just screams 80's didn't he and he reminds me of so much bad music from back then.

I didn't notice that he looked that bad though but i didn't watch enough of it.

I'm thinking i should know some Depeche Mode songs, but i don't so i think i'll go look.

Are you watching Idol? I was thinking that Furline should take over the blogging on Idol. Can't you just picture it?

susieatl said...

I couldn't get into Idol this year. I loved it last year. Maybe when I get back from Dallas I'll take a peek.

IslandPearl said...

How did I just find this????

George the Younger resembles the shrink I went to when I hit the wall with what Ex#2 was doing to my head...helped me plot my exit strategy.

Still see him, socially (shrink, not ex).