Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dallas, Tequila, tornadoes and friends

Last Sunday I boarded a plane to Dallas and went to my company's NSM. Now, this is about the only time I get to travel so please let me tell you my story.

Flying was easier this year. I checked in online, was able to park close to the terminal, security was a breeze (but not as nice as the Dallas folks) and my seat partner slept the whole way.

I love the fact that my CEO loves the Four Seasons. You can't ask for nicer rooms. This is my view:

Of course I had the cool bed, the marble bathroom..just wonderful.

I then got to meet some Dallas YaYas...Sarah, Bandala and MedPrincess all came out to meet me...They were a hoot and I wish I had more time with them. Thanks MK for the boa!!!

We had a great meeting and there was a touching moment during the awards banquet where a rep when accepting his award thanked me for all my assistance. The reps then gave me a standing ovation. I cried.

Then I drank four shots of tequila and tottled off to bed. 47 is way too old to being shots.

Enough said on that..

I then did my presentation with the help of Red Bull (thank you whoever invented that)...packed up and flew back.

Dallas has the nicest airport. You get off your plan..your baggage is right there and then a few steps and you can get a cab. Hartsfield makes you walk about a mile to everywhere...and they are rude!

Anyway..I'm home..I've recovered from the Tequila incident and tomorrow I get to see Amanda and get my Lucy back. Lord, I've missed that dog. last thing. We had another night of tornadoes...I took these pics when the sirens went off. Normally, the sky would be bright at this time...

I got a new roof from the last round..I don't need anything else.


jojo cucina cucina said...

omg, those photos are frightening. I hate scary skies. Which one are you in the photo????

Are you serious that Red Bull the next morning can undo four tequila shots? FOUR....? FOUR??? right in a row?

susieatl said...

Cannot undo..but it greatly heals.

Yes, four..not necessarily in a row. I ate dinner in the middle of it. But yes..four..I work with a lot of 20 and 30 year old medical sales guys who look at me like a frat mom.

I'm the one with the brown boa on...MedPrincess is the one with the red one. The blond is Bandala and the girl in red is Sarah.

jojo cucina cucina said...

you look great in that photo! Ok, i hope i never need to drink a Red Bull in the future, but i am definitely keeping it in mind. Not that i would ever be doing tequila shots, but i have been known to drink more chardonnay that i should. lol.

grits said...

Hi Susie!!!

How wonderful you got to meet up with some of the Dallas area girls. I wish I were closer (Im about 5 hrs away!)

Love the pic :):)