Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012

Happy New Year!  This is the first weekend I've actually done what I said I would do which was clean my closet.  My HD cable and my computer are on the fritz so that might explain things.  

I'm really disturbed by the shooting at Ranier.  I was there and hiked at the scene.  It was so peaceful and nice it really upsets me such evil can taint the place.

I have no resolutions this year.  I'm 50 and now understand that I never keep them.  I do want to be healthier and have made some eating changes and will add more exercise to my day.  I also want to be more social.  I used to be very social but I've become quite the homebody these days.   Part of the problem is how much I've grown to hate phone calls.  But texting and email should help that immensely.

Do you have any resolutions?  How has your year been so far?

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jojo cucina cucina said...

susieatl, the Mt. Rainier shooting is tragic and it's monopolized the news since it happened. The photo of the guy was so creepy.

I have no resolutions except that i am going to work on going outside my routine because i tend to do things the same way. Even mixing up my running route. Maybe even try running in the morning....just small stuff.

I'm glad to see you're back at it! I have given up hope that anyone was blogging anymore. I hope you get your comcast troubles out of the way soon!