Saturday, June 8, 2013

Endoscopy, French Music and some new Trails

How is everyone doing?  I had my second near angle glaucoma surgery this week.  They lasered an opening in the right eye in May and I had the left eye done this week.  The worst part was waiting forever between the paperwork, the drops, surgery and then the followup to be released.  Crazy.   And I was the youngest patient by at least a decade.   I read online (and they are always right online) that some allergy and asthma meds can hasten the progression of this type of glaucoma.   Ok, being able to breathe vs being able to see.  At least the surgery is an easy fix.

This week is my first colonoscopy.   Since I work for a company that sells endoscopy equipment,  I should have had this done last year.  But I'm a procrastinator.    But I'm glad I"m getting it done. Vodka is a clear liquid, right?

I've been stocking up on books and music for summer.  I got the sequel to Devil Wears far it is not as interesting since Miranda has only made a minor appearance.  Andy was not the interesting part of DWP..Miranda was...

I also downloaded a bunch of music including some music from a French singer named Zaz.   She has a great style.  I have no idea what she is singing but she will be my go to music this season.

Also, I'm loving the new Robin Thicke song.  I'm sure I will be sick of it soon but right now I'm loving it.  Who knew something cool would come out of Alan Thicke...hahahahaha

My new trail is the Bob Callan/Rottonwood Creek trail down by the Weather Channel.  It feeds into the Palisades trail by the Hooch.  I highly recommend it...lots of pretty scenery

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