Monday, July 7, 2008

Many good Martha would say

Yes, I finally got off the hammock and went for a walk yesterday. Well, more like a hike. 2.5 miles to be exact. And most of it was being pulled by my 25 pound Beagle mix who can snap a leash meant for anything less than a St. Bernard. Yes, I finally bought the 100 lbs + extended leash and she hasn't broken that yet.

I'm sore today. Like power lifting and lunging sore. Like moving your house sore.

BTW, Amanda moved to her new house today. She is not as nervous about the neighborhood as I am. I want to put bars on the window.

She got it done prior to the gates of hell opening up in the sky. Not as bad as the night the tornado went through but almost. I finally had to turn Animal Planet on really loud so Lucy would be distracted. Who knew Beagles like to watch other dogs get amputated? Lucy was mesmorized.

Work was not so bad. We had ice cream cake for a birthday. Everyone was in a relaxed mood. Let's see how it goes by Friday.

Oh, and one final thing...Jess Riley found my blog! How exciting is that? I get all fangirl about these kind of things.

Think I'll mention Mike Rowe a lot and see if I can get lucky. Bwahahahaha

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