Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wow, I forgot about this account!

I've been wanting to post as myself for awhile now. I love my other blog but it can be a little prohibitive at times.

Anyway, I'm back. Now that I've gotten the hand of blogging maybe I'll keep this up.

I was on vacation this week. Since I'm somewhat broke, I stayed home. And read...a lot. I read the following:

Driving Sideways - Jess Riley - Very funny. The main character had a kidney transplant and decides to go on a road trip in her SATURN. As a Saturn owner I can tell you that would not be a comfortable trip.

Such a Pretty Fat - Jen Lancaster - She's just funny.

Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea - Chelsea Handler - Again, I can only wish I was this funny.

Hot Zone - Kevin Sites- Read the book, watch the DVD. I don't care which side of the fence you are on - this will move you. I truly believe that there is a wonderful good spirit in the human race but the evil, dark side really is there too.

Lean Mean Thirteen - Janet E. - Took me three hours to read it. I still laugh. It's like going home to your wacky NJ family.

Swapping Lives - Janet Green - I like her stuff. Predictable but sweet.

Land of Mango Sunsets - Dorothea Benton Frank - Slow in the beginning. Had to force myself to go on. Then Miriam goes to see her mom the book gets a soul and moves quickly, and made me cry. If you are missing your mom...well, be forewarned. This one will get you.

Life's A Beach - Claire Cook - She wrote Must Love Dogs. It's a love story/finding yourself at 40 story. I can totally see Diane Lane in this one as well.

Ok, I didn't read all of the them this week but I did read them all this month. I'm a little tired of reading...(gasp...I can't believe I said that). So today, Lucy and I are going out for awhile.

Tomorrow is work. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm just starting to relax (I'm very tightly wound).


Jess Riley said...

Thanks to the miracle of Google Alerts, I discovered your post--I'm thrilled to hear you liked Driving Sideways! And yes, those Saturns...I can tell you a Honda Civic is just as comfortable for extended drives.

~grits~ said...

oh way cool - Im gonna like this blog!