Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm loving Angels instead....

I'm listening to Robbie Williams. I really don't understand why he isn't a bigger deal in the U.S....he is just so talented.

I'm having a low key weekend. Went to the dog park. Lucy has a boyfriend, Leo. He's a beagle with a capital B. He howls if Lucy plays hard to get which is what she did today. Saw a guy I used to work with...he got fired for lying about some stuff. I tried to say hi but he ignored me. Hey, I didn't fire you asswipe.

It's hot, muggy and the air is full of mosquitoes. Think I'll go to B & N and get some more books...then I'll hibernate.

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~grits~ said...

That's all you can do - hibernate - it's too freakin hot to do anything else! It's been 105 here everyday - YUK!! Not too bad on skeeters as it's so so dry. What books have you been reading?