Saturday, August 2, 2008

I did something stupid

The other day I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond with Amanda to look at curtains. On our way to the back, I see a really cool looking scale at half price. I do the unthinkable...I get on it. Of course it is one of those that tell you not only how fat you are but your BMI and water weight. I have to take off my sandals and put in my age.

I won't share the results...except to say I'm much, much, much bigger than the day I gave birth to Amanda.

This puts me in a depression. A Dove Bar, Pirate Booty, Quesadilla with extra cheese depression.

Then this OCD chick at work who blurts out things tells me I have blue lips. No, I don't. But then I noticed I do have a purple tinge at the corners of my mouth. Probably asthma....but it is scaring me.

So this week...I'm back to the gym ( I sweat like a pig y'all) and I'm making an appointment for a physical where they will tell me to lose weight...duh...

So wish me luck. And I'm not telling you what I weigh. At least not till I reach my goal. It's gonna be a, what a journey.

Books read: I've finished the Jen Lancaster Trio of Laughs..Run to your bookstore and look in the biography section...she is way too funny.

I'm now reading Valerie Bertenelli's Bio. I hated her in middle school. She was the epitome of cute and nothing I did made me look like her. Instead I looked like Bonnie Franklin...and I still do. I'm posting a pic of Bonnie. For all of us Bonnies out there...

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~grits~ said...

Girl, I could so hang with you!

I love B,B&B, but I'm glad it's over an hour away because I spend tooo much money in that store!!

I was always a tall & slim gal. My heaviest when I was pregnant was 150lbs. After I gave birth, I was back to slim again. Actually, I was too freakin tired to eat lol.

But somewhere about 3 years ago, I started gaining and havent stopped.

It's tough aint it?!?

Maybe we should hire jojo as a personal trainer lollol!