Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome to my pity party...

That is Brigadier General Larry. He was the Commander over Kosovo last year. My senior year he went out with my roommate after I set them up. It didn't end so well even though it took them an hour to say goodnight (I know cause they were outside our room and I couldn't get to sleep.)

Larry and I were both poli sci majors and we had a bunch of the same classes. He is a complete success..what happened to me?

Oh yea..I dropped out of law school and I still have decided what I want to be when I grow up..of course Larry knew what he wanted at 18..

This is Terry ..he's President and CEO of Edward Jones Trust Company. He and I used to punch each other after making smart ass remarks to each other.

Terry, "Suck my right ball"
Susan, "I would if your girlfriend hadn't cut it off"
Then the punching would begin...

Again...a complete success (ok, after this year..I might have more in the bank than he does)

These are just two....there are doctors, lawyers, politicians, writers, business leaders...all my classmates in high school and college. I made the same grades, participated in the same groups, clubs, fraternities and sororities.

I gotta quit looking at my alumni magazine.

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