Saturday, April 25, 2009

Killers, lost friends and pollen

What a beautiful day. Temp in the 80's and only a few wispy clouds in the sky.

Too bad it was ruined.

First, I wanted to work on the yard and porch. So I start with the porch and my cabana covering. Then I moved to mowing and edging the yard. I come in and I'm covered with the yellow icky powder which makes me sneeze. When will it end?

Then I check on friend on facebook who I emailed about a pending visit. She had not answered me and I find we are no longer friends on Facebook. I emailed her and no answer. I find from a mutual friends that she is hanging with a new crowd that do not like me. Even though we had never spoken about these other friends and our friendship was pretty casual..I guess she felt she needed to choose sides. I wish her well. Ok...I wouldn't mind if she got an annoying case of poison ivy this summer..but other than that I wish her well.

Finally and this is by far the worst thing...a professor from UGA murdered three people near campus. The rumors have been rampant. First it was three it looks like none were. One was his wife. He is still running loose through Athens and tonight is a big bike race downtown. All the kids are there..including mine. Even though they have had snipers on the rooftops and swat teams driving around in pickups..she is in the thick of it.

I need a drink.


jojo cucina cucina said...

That professor is from YOUR neck of the woods, susieatl?

By the way.... Are you talking Gumbo yaya facebookers?????

I don't do Facebook. I have enough friend drama in my real life without having to worry about Facebook shit.

I am loving getting over winter, even though our weather in Western Washington is schizo. mid 70's one day and 50's the next.

susieatl said...

Yep...Amanda lives about a mile from where the murders happened. She is completely unfazed..

Yep..Gumbo Facebookers. It upset me because this person never seemed cliquish but I guess I was wrong.

We were having that kind of yo-yo temp thing back in February. It was in the 70's one week and the 20's the next. Now we are in for a week of rain. We are all sick of it.