Sunday, May 17, 2009

Portly, plump, fat

Yep, today I'm starting a new regime. I'm not going to diet because that never works.

I've lived healthy a majority of my life. I've never been slender or slim but I've been extremely healthy. I think that may be why even though I've gained 50 lbs in the last five years my cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar are all smack dab in the normal/healthy range. It freaked my doc out..she just knew she had some health reason to get me to lose. But as a fiddle.

Except, I have to buy a new size every year..(my closet is bursting at the seams with clothes I no longer can wear..I have a few of every size).

So today, I'm starting again. I used to eat low fat, healthy meals...not because I wanted my weight down..but because I enjoyed eating that way. But since I've moved into this house, cooking or preparing food has not appealed to me. I'm going out for lunch every day (just to get out of there) and that has not helped at all.

So I'm changing. I know what to eat. I know what to do with exercise ...I just need to do it.

Well, I'm not telling you what I weigh. I'll tell you what I lose and maybe when I feel good about me again..I'll tell you what I lost. Hopefully, I'll lose eating healthy and exercising more. If I don't...well, at least I'm trying.

Off to take Lucy for a long walk. It has cooled down by ten degrees and should be quite pleasant and since the dog park is out (worms are going around there) I have to find exercise for my munchking.

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jojo cucina cucina said...

good luck, susie! I want to wish you well and not really give any advice except to maybe just say this: If you can get into some routine with walking or swimming or something that gets you moving and take the choice out of it, just make a commitment to at least do it for three weeks in a row, that might be long enough to make it a habit so you can continue.

Raising your metabolism over time is a huge plus.

Don't expect to love it either so don't have that expectation and you might be less likely to quit. It's like flossing your teeth.

A necessary evil.