Sunday, May 31, 2009

It is hot out there

I just came in from laying in the hammock. I also just finished Jen Lancaster's Pretty in Plaid. I just love her. She completely lets you in on what makes her tick. And I found someone who loves polos and pearls as much as I do. She struggles with her weight same as me. And she loves dogs.

Ok, what else is new. Well, I'm not doing well on the working out. I do need to just start walking. When I was going through my divorce and after..I walked all the time. My neighborhood is not big enough to walk through and the street my subdivision is on attracts sketchy people. But it would help.

Work is fine..a little slow right now but I think the summer will pick up as the government does most of it's purchasing this time of year. I dread the last quarter. The experts keep saying things have bottomed out..but I'm not seeing it.

Well, not much else to say. Got to do some laundry and clean the house now that Amanda has returned to Athens.

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