Sunday, June 7, 2009

Federer, weight lifting and summer

I'm still on my quest to get healthy. I'm pretty happy with my progress. No weight loss which does surprise me as I'm eating so well...but I since this is NOT a diet..I'm ok with that.

I'm drinking more water, little to no soda and my coffee is way back. I'm eating more natural..less fried food. I have more energy (except when my allergies kick in) and today I got back in my weight lifting class. I haven't been in a year and it literally kicked my ass. My arms are jello. My legs were ok but my ankles were burning.

What I do need to do is get back into tennis. I love the game..I love how I really lose myself to the moment when I play. Nothing else gets my full attention. Did y'all see my man, Roger play today? It was kinda sad his opponent really didn't try. I hope Nadal is better for Wimbledon so I can see a real match.

It is hot, muggy and buggy outside. I have some great books including American Lion ( I LOVE presidential biographies) but even when I spray myself with Deep Woods Off the bugs still bite..only they bite my eyelids and other weird places. When I lived in Florida, we went on a turtle walk (my favorite thing) and these weird fly/beetle things were biting everyone even though we were covered in bug spray..they even bit in the ear. And these big blisters would was horrible. I never had that matter when we went to the beach. I remember seeing pics of settlers from the turn of the century and they would bury themselves in sand to their neck at night.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey susie!
OK, i have to admit when i first read your post subject i thought you were going to talk about Britney Spears ex-husband...and thought WTF, am i on Furline's blog by mistake?

then i realized he is FederLINE. LOL.

Good for you for keeping to it. I didn't know you played tennis. I think it's one of the hardest sports and so physical. I tried and thought i would do okay cause i run, but i was terrible.

I love that we live in an area without many bugs. We are so lucky, because when i am anywhere else, bugs love me a lot and i welt up big time.

I recently saw an advertisement for one of those bug things that you hang on yourself so you don't have to spray that terrible stuff on you. I thought i might try that when flyfishing. I wonder if it works?

~grits~ said...

the bugs are everywhere here!! It's so damn dry and hot they are coming in like plagues upon us. Scorpians, black widows and snakes I could definately do without. You cant go outside without grasshoppers just about knocking you over. Not that hoppers are bad, but they get very annoying in such mass-ness.
bugs - bleck!!