Thursday, July 9, 2009

Zumba, mosquitoes and the power of Oxyclean

Wow, what a wild few weeks we have had. We lost Farrah and Michael on the same day. Farrah we expected...most did not expect Michael. I did. The last pictures I saw of him were bad. He was frail..his hands were blotchy...he did not look healthy. What did shock me was Billy Mays. He may have had a paunch but he seemed healthy. I was hoping the cause of death was the bump to his head but no..his heart gave out. 50 is way too young.

I can't go outside without a swarm of mosquitoes going after me. I finally got a fan to blow on me when I want to read outside in the hammock. But they still get my back.

Finally, I have to share my new passion - Zumba. It's a mix of salsa, hip hop, etc. It's high impact so I have to modify it...but I'm beat when I'm done. My goal is to look like my instructor (well, 20 years later anyway). I hear people lose tremendous amounts of weight doing it. So tonight I got Nikes that are highly recommended for Zumba. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks JoJo and Grits for posting. I love that people are actually reading my blog.

One last thing (I know I said finally two paragraphs before)...I just want to say Roger Federer (not Federline!) is the best player in the world!!

Oh, and JoJo...they are calling Federline K-Fat now that he is so big...


jojo cucina cucina said...

K-Fat? They really call him K-Fat, or is it spelled K-Phat? I am so un-hip anymore.

We are so lucky, we don't have mosquitos here. And it's been great weather and i love nothing more than sitting on my covered patio reading, which is what i was just doing this morning before heading out to the Farmer's Market to buy some seafood.

I have done Zumba. It is H*A*R*D! and i love to dance, but damn if i wasn't always facing the wrong way from everyone else! it's fun though and i got a real kick out of watching some folks - the ones with absolutely NO rhythm - try it.

It's a great weighloss program.

Have they buried Michael Jackson yet? I am glad to finally be able to wean myself off the CNN news on him. I was a nut there for awhile watching everything i could on him.

Billy Mays was a surprise. I remember reading somewhere quite awhile ago that there was a website about hating Billy Mays. I wonder if they feel bad now.

Faye said...

I am so there with you! Im just hunting a Zumba class in my area. Im tired of feeling like like is wearing me down. I love to dance but never get to do it any more so Zumba will fill that and get me back in shape too!!