Saturday, July 25, 2009

The adventures of Lucy the wonder dog

That is my Lucy. Part Beagle..part something else. She's so sweet and so onery. That pic is from the other morning when I left her in the backyard for ten minutes. I have to put a barrier up because she can fit through the slats and she'll go across the street and poo. Then I get a letter from the HOA telling me to keep my dog in my yard.

Well, the orange fencing worked. It's not pretty but I have no one next door so who is going to complain?

Then last night we were walking on a leash. She saw a rabbit. Lucy is fast..faster than any dog her size. She pulled so hard that I fell face down and lost the leash. She ran around the corner of the house and I heard a scream..maybe more a squeal. I ran..and she is pooping in the neighbor's front yard. So I'm guessing the handle of the leash swung around and got her which resulted in scaring the poop outta her.

But tonight she's curled up on the bed...and you would think she is always an angel.

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