Saturday, April 17, 2010

My trip to Vegas

This time last week I was on a plane to Vegas.   It was my company's National Sales Meeting and my one trip out of town a year.  I went a day early to see the sights.  

First - let me say...I hate casinos.   I have severe asthma and smoke really bothers me.   And gambling bores me...I just don't see the point.   However, I went to see everything else and I like the Bellagio fountains..this was in the afternoon and they were playing All that Jazz and I was drinking a Rum Runner and dancing down the street...perfect!

This is my friend, Carolyn and me.   I'm the short one in the back...she came out early to see the sights too. 

The strip from one of the crosswalks.

We were there in constant meetings (12 -14 hour days if you include the dinners).   I had a beautiful room and fell in love with the spa where we had eucalyptus steam rooms.   But my Ipod died and so did my phone.   (a bad magnet in my purse may have been the culprit). 

I now have a Droid and I love it.   I had to get texting as I got 90 texts and at .20 cents a text that racked up my bill. 

The weather was hot and dry and my asthma loved it.   Came home Wednesday to pollen, humidity and heat.  Let's say my asthma is not loving that.   I'm on Predizone for some poison ivy I got into..that is probably saving my life right.  

So, I'm glad to be home..pollen and all..but it was a fun few days. 


于雅慧毓 said...

Judge not a book by its cover.......................................................

IslandPearl said...

I need to go back to Vegas. It's been soooo long.

Sorry about your magnetic personality messing up your trons...but you are going to love love love your droid.

amulbunny said...

They were playing All That Jazz at the Bellagio fountains when I was there in January.