Friday, April 23, 2010

Sleepless in Atlanta

Here is where I am with the steroids.

1. My face is a ball...everyone at work is teasing me.
2. Went to bed at 10...wide awake at 1. Now it is almost 4. I've watched Project Runway (yea Seth Aaron), made an omelette, had chocolate and some almonds..I could eat more. ALOT MORE.
3. I also laid in bed and worried about things I cannot change and then got pissed that I could not change them.
4. Did I tell you I was hungry?
5. Tomorrow should be jeans day but one of our docs is coming so I have to dress up.
6. I spent $100 at Target today and got NOTHING I needed. But I do have some cute sandals. now. I b;ame the steroids.
7. I am breathing better. So the steroids did their job. Hope it stays that way..I still have the cough.
8. Ok..I'm going to go clean the house.
9. Saturday is my last dose. YEAH...I will probably crash and sleep for 48 hours. 
At Target I found the cutest slippers and put them in my basket...but they were extra large and my feet would not stay in them..the other size was small..but the steroids have swollen my feet so I couldn't be sure if they would fit. 

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