Saturday, May 8, 2010

Graduation or otherwise known as now I'm old

23 years and two months ago tomorrow..I gave birth to a beautiful 7 lb 14 oz daughter.   It was not easy  -  19 hours of labor and two hours of pushing and then an emergency C Section (I begged them to knock me out)....

So today, my baby graduated from college with a BSA in Animal Science.   She will spend the next year applying to Vet School, working at the dairy and interning with an 83 year old veterinarian.   Yep..83... and she loves it.   She has learned how to amputate, stitch up, neuter and spay, fix a hernia and give all the necessary shots.   He's large animal but he also takes in dogs and cats.  She has also learned all the little diners, where the best pound cake is and other assorted 83 year old things to do. 

Anyhoo.. today was the School of Agriculture graduation.   Most of the kids had decorated their caps in anticipation of the large UGA graduation tonight (we skipped)   Amanda was adorable and I teared up but didn't cry. 

My college graduation was a full day event.  We had baccalaureate, then graduation was hours long.  Then pictures.   I had the uncomfortable task of telling an old boyfriend we would never get back together in front of my father!  And then I had to find Satan who was my current boyfriend so he and my dad could help move me out of the dorm.  It was very stressful.

It all goes so quickly and then it is over.   Kind of like life.