Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pomengranate Margaritas and my trip to Krogers

I'll blame it on being sick for so long.

I woke up feeling better than I have for weeks.  I can breathe.   No coughing, no nagging rattling in my chest..yesterday people at work thought I had pneumonia I sounded so bad - today an almost 180 turnaround.

So I go to Kroger..all I need is some melatonin.   I took the week off it and I have suffered.   So I get my melatonin.oh, wait..some cute windchimes..oh..and some tanning lotion (graduation is next week) ..oh..I need a new toothbrush...

Then, I bought the Rebecca Wells book that is in paperback...I haven't like anything of hers since the YaYa Sisterhood.   I'm not sure why I wanted this..but then I bought a new magazine called New Beauty...way too expensive.  Oh and then It's Complicated was on sale.  And I love that movie.   I lust for that house.  But wait...I rang myself up..and

$87 at Kroger.   $87!!! 

Not quite as bad as my $100 sock and shoe shopping trip at Target but I think it is time I stay home. 

I got some Pomengranate Margarita frozen drink thing at Publix.   Sounds like good medicine tonight. 

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~grits~ said...

lol you shop like I do!!