Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunflowers, a storm that hasn't come and I'm really down

I'm not sure how many people read this blog..I  hope it is interesting for those that do...

Had a bad day yesterday.  I screwed something up at work.  And it's fairly large thing.  A careless mistake..something overlooked that should not have been.  Caused a great deal of work for others and it was never truly fixed.   I'm not afraid of getting in trouble..I deserve whatever I get.   I have no excuse just that I've been sick for two weeks and not on my game.  And it really is making me angry.  Whatever I have is now causing laryngitis so not only did I have to talk for three hours but it probably set me back on trying to get better.   So now I'm really down.  This is the first time I've been really sick since I started this job 10 years ago.  And I just can't shake it.    

So this morning, I was playing with my droid and I took the picture..all my pics with this phone are out of focus.  But I like this one with the sunlight and the glass vase.   Makes it softer.

And I keep waiting on the horrible storm that have been predicting for a was supposed to have happened yesterday (didn't) and this morning we had clear skies and sunshine.   But it's cloudy now and they say it will happen later tonight.  Yea.

So tomorrow, I'll go in early.  The people who are mad at me will be out till Thursday.  And then I'll be out for Amanda's graduation.   So I can't even face this till next week.  Great.  Lovely.   


jojo cucina cucina said...

You know what i love about this post is that you admitted you screwed up and that doesn't happen enough where people take responsibility anymore in this era. We keep blaming someone else. Or the system.

In the union office where i work they so often call and NEVER take responsibility.

I hope you shake it off and don't be too hard on yourself. Because the fact that you worry about it tells me that you are someone who takes responsibility.

i have often said that the best teachers and parents who worry about doing a good job are the ones who do.

PLUS, god girl. you haven't been sick much in 10 years? That speaks volumes about your work ethic.

~grits~ said...

Susie, I forgot about this blog! Im glad you mentioned it on jo's!!

~grits~ said...

Hey I love that background fairy!!

IslandPearl said...

Sorry I missed this back when you posted it.

I have been in a similar jam and it is so painful because we hold ourselves to such high standards and it's a disappointment to come up short.

But we aren't perfect, and as much of a cop out as it sounds (and sometimes can be) the reality is that s**t happens.

But, like the other s**t, it passes.